Why Dr. Muheeba Dankaka Was Deserving of Ministry of Women Affairs’ Excellence Award

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Next to excellence is the appreciation of it. These are immortal words of William Shakespeare. The award bestowed on the chairman of the Federal Character Commission, FCC, Dr Muheeba Dankaka, which has severally been applauded by many as well deserving that is acknowledged and celebrated today is the culmination of many years of hard work, sacrifice and self discipline.

Today, the chairman of the FCC have every right to celebrate this award and recognition and floating in a bubble of joy because this award was not one that was acquired but earned.

The chorus of witnesses who guided, supported and cheered her during the presentation of this award on her have every right to beat their chest in agreement because they came to the event, they saw and celebrated a woman who through her personal charisma, hard work, tenacity of purpose and great leadership acumen conquered and for which many today are exceedingly proud.

As we basked collectively in her stellar accomplishment of excellence convinced that she has performed excellently well in every where of her endeavours that necessitated this recognition of her by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, we want to state clearly that if there is any woman today that fits the bill for this award, it is clearly Dr Muheeba Dankaka. This is because for many years she has been changing lives and ensuring that women’s rights are human rights and vice versa.

Many have over the years watched her break glass ceilings and championed women’s rights and fights for human rights by leading with compassion, passion and dedication. She has accomplished the uncommon feat of transforming the federal character commission, FCC, through reforms all in the face of extremely toxic masculinity.

She has never been known to have in and become weary in the face of undaunting challenges which comes her way during her pursuit of excellence but doing the good that she needs to do for our country.

She is known as a woman who fills many women with hopes for the future. A leading light in our country’s struggles  for excellence entrenchments in every field of our national life and she sees it as germane, vital and urgent as ever for the overall developments of our country. Dr Muheeba Dankaka has exhibited an outstanding commitment to the attainments of excellence, equity, diversity and inclusion and this she has perfectly demonstrated through her exemplary conducts and commitment to contributing to the developments of diverse and welcoming culture where everyone can thrive in the country through our federal character principle laws implementation in all its ramifications.

For dedicating many years of hard work and deliberate purpose to this cause, it is noteworthy to say she is most deserving for this award and recognition. Congratulations to our Amazon for the award.

– Musa Wada writes from Abuja.

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