Importance of 2022 Public Affairs and Communications Week Declared Open by FCC Chairman, Dr. Dankaka

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The Muheeba Dankaka years at the helms of affairs as the chairman of the Federal Character Commission (FCC) has more than anything been magical. This dispensation of her leadership is simply about reforms for effective service delivery to the Nigerian citizens who have hitherto known the commission as inept and corrupt.

Since her appointment as the chairman of the commission, Dr. Muheeba Dankaka has through effective leadership qualities introduced measures that has changed the narratives at the commission.

The commission’s amazon, as she is now called by many, has never since her appointment hidden the fact that her motive as the chairman of the commission is to make it one of the most effective and strong agencies of government.

One of the major tools she sees as indispensable to the realization of this noble intentions of hers is the public affairs and communications organ of agency.

The declaration of a quarterly PAC.week therefore was a deliberate policy initiatives aimed at the realization of her reforms goals of institutionalizing of public relations and communications as an undeniable department in presenting different conceptional initiatives to sensitize the public of the changing narratives and postulations in the agency.This is because the importance of PAC.week in helping the commission to remain in communication with the citizens it is charged with the responsibilities of serving in other to maintain a level of transparency can never be overemphasized.

The PAC week which has existed to help with various strategies ensuring effective communications to establish public confidence as well as opinion on the new federal character commission and communicating messages from the management to the populace was officially declared opened by the Chairman of the commission, Dr Muheeba Dankaka.

The Public Affairs and communication department of the commission must be commended for confidence building during the year and this confidence building done via a variety of methods which includes the news media outlets and a plethora of other strategies as a means of communicating the important informations to the public and reassessing it’s established relationships with the general public was commended by all.

This year’s PAC week was special as the staffs and management team led by commissioner’s took turns to eulogise the chairman Dr Muheeba Dankaka for her many reforms initiatives and the many transformational and infrastructural development initiatives which have gone a long way in changing the narratives at the commission, declaring her as a woman of great fortitude and wisdom.

With this many innumerable initiatives the FCC of today is seen by all as one of the best agencies in Nigeria, delivering on it’s mandate which has led to the achievement of the chairman of being invited to participate in the weekly federal executive meetings chaired by the president, twice and a feet never attained by any of her predecessors prior to her appointment.

 The highlight of the opening ceremony is the presentation of the presentation of the 2022 edition of”PAC Ambassador” to Miss Susan Sandra.She won this prestigious award after careful consideration of punctuality, intelligence, diligence, and good human relations among the staffs on grade level 04 to 14.

This year’s PAC week was special as the Director of the department of Public affairs and communications at the commission, DR.Chucks Okoli(PHD) introduced many new concept to the occasion neccessitating this year’s edition being ranked as the best yet in the history of the PAC week of the Federal Character Commission.

– Musa Wada writes from Abuja.

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