Wada to Appoint Professionals, Technocrats to Drive His Government

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Kogi state government will in the next few weeks unveil team of professionals, Technocrat and politicians who will drive the transformation agenda of the present government.

The team according to the government will help drive the socio-economic transformation policies of the new government.

In a statement issued by Abu Mike, Chief Press Secretary to Kogi state Deputy Governor, Arc Yomi Awoniyi, assured the people that aside working within the confines of the law, the alleged delay to dissolve the state council is not to create a vacuum.

He said it is to  ensure  that a team that will meet the yearning  and aspirations of the people are selected from within and outside the state to assist the government in the accelerated development of the young state.

Abu who was  reacting to allegations that the present administration ought to have constituted a new executive council by now,  said it is too  early for people to be agitated stating that what is more paramount is the peace and tranquility been enjoyed in the state.

He  added that  the continuity in the completion of all on going projects and the initiations of new ones inherited  by Wada’s administration would receive his  top priority.

While noting that government is a continuous process, Abu  said there has not been any dull moment so far as the new administration has continued with the developmental  programs of the  past administration while several committees have been  in place for a successful service delivery.

He said within  a relatively few days in office the present administration, has put in place machinery to establish frame work that will serve as a road map, guide and a spring board for lasting developments in the state.

while saying that the government is on course, Abu  noted that the new administration  has equally taken stock of what it inherited to enable it allocate its scarce  resources to critical sectors.

Abu  urged the people to remain steadfast  in their support for  Capt Wada who according to him was ready to make a difference.

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