Usman Okai Austin; The Political Gospeller in Search of the Vulnerable

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The age-long crave for quality representation is gradually coming to play. Like the ark of Noah, many are casting baseless aspersions, but to God and those envisioned, it’s a reality that only takes time to manifest. When this happens, proponents of good and responsible leadership takes the credit, this is because they stayed true to their convictions knowing fully well that a time will come when aspirants will prioritize the well-being of the downtrodden, soaked in pool of poverty embellished in our horde than siphoning our collective resources to foot bills of their family, friends and foot soldiers saddled with the responsibilities of defending their counterfactual navigations, dispensing venomous substances on those who dared to question the murky dealings of their paymasters.

Usman Okai Austin, is a different political activist, operating not just in contrasting flank to the old-fangled that crippled our political corridor, but also a politician who is ceaselessly coughing out reasons that politics devoid of sectionalism is achievable only if an aspirant is willing to understudy the tenet formation of modern politics.

In dotted line of decency, he entered Igala Kingdom, in his usual voracious acumen he delivered earthshaking and hope rising speech, teaching the opportunities embedded in his consistency as his constituents watch and listen in awe.

Like the atomic bomb latched on Adolf Hitler and his crop of Army, Austin Okai stormed the ‘remotely remote’ areas of Dekina/Bassa, like a waving flag, he spheres the impenetrable areas of our horde, connecting with the vulnerable who were long deprived of dividends of democracy.

The dogged activist walked gallantly from house to house, informing the young and old, male and female of his ambition to represent them. Never have we seen the level of acceptance witnessed during his “political gospel(ing)” back home.

Central to his “Political Gospel” was the wide range of acceptance across party lines, this was confirmed in an interview granted by an APC diehard supporter, Isiaka Mudi from Anyigba Ward.

Isiaka, while responding to newsmen, said; “Nobody supports the All Progressive Congress (APC) more than I do, but whoever fail to support Comrade Usman Okai Austin is a failure that must be ignored or flee from.”

This statement validates nothing but his acceptability among citizens of Kogi State.

Usman Okai Austin is now a household name that only God Almighty can erase. Usman Okai Austin is Political Gospeller.

– Samuel Mona Endurance

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