Unpaid School Fees: NAOS Seeks Financial Assistance for 10 Okun Students

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…Commends Asiwaju Asiru Idris.

National Association of Okun Students (NAOS) as an association charged with the responsibility of putting smile on the faces of indigenous Okun students across the globe.

Sometimes ago, some students approached us, the leadership of their Association, to seek for assistance on school fees payment.

We genuinely took this up with all efforts, appealing on the media and engaging prominent Okun sons and daughters.

We approached Mukadam Asiwaju Asiru Idris with the help of some senior comrades in the struggle with a list of 10 students who are on the verge of not writing their examinations unless they pay up their school fees.

Magnanimously, Asiwaju came to the aide of 5 students (one per local government). We can’t thank Asiwaju enough, God will reward you handsomely. AMEN!

We appeal to all Okun sons and daughters out there to please come to the assistance of the remaining 5 students on our list who will get locked out of school if their fees is not paid.

As much as we know the importance of education in Okun Land, we can’t afford to have these students not complete their higher education.

Jacob Abraham Damilare
National President, National Association of Okun Students (NAOS)

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