Stop PDP Gov’ship Candidate from Campaigning in Kogi Central, Group Writes Monarch

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His Royal Majesty
Alh. (Dr.) Ado Ibrahim
The Ohinoyi of Ebiraland,
Azad Palace, Okene.

RE- PDP Governorship Candidate’s ‘Minority Don’t Matter’ Comments

Your Royal Majesty,

I humbly write to draw your attention over the comment that emanated from the PDP governorship candidate through his appearance on the national television station, AITs Kakaaki, where he denigrated Ebira race and other ethnic minorities in Kogi State politically by saying that without our vote he will emerge the governor of Kogi State, with nine local government areas.

This letter is intended to highlight the grave consequences which such a reckless statement could cause in Ebiraland.

The PDP candidate had once come to Ebiraland to canvass for Ebira delegates who are PDP members during the  primary contest like all other Igala sons who participated in the PDP governorship primaries, non Igala aspirants inclusive.

For the record, Ebira sons and daughters who are PDP members and delegates welcomed and Honoured him alongside his campaign team without any record of violence from any other political interest within Kogi Central.

Your Royal Majesty Sir, the PDP candidate by name Engr. Musa Wada who you might have come across in one way or the other is an ethnic bigot and anti-minority candidate who is coming to champion Igala supremacy and political dominance if allowed to govern the State going by his dreams and utterances. 

This man appeared on National television to inform the whole world that Nine Local government Areas with the population of 40% should produce the Governor, and that it can always produce a Governor and that Heaven wouldn’t fall, implying that they can deliver him without the support of sixty percent other ethnic groups which ebiras are the majority.

Your  Royal Majesty Sir, it is obvious that this man parading himself as PDP candidate has ulterior motives behind his ambition, and such motives could trigger inter-ethinc tension between the Ebiras and Igalas who have been living in peace for centuries before the creation of Kogi State.

Your Royal Majesty Sir, you can recall that in all the previous elections, no Ebira candidate had ever contested the election on the platform of the two major political parties, except this forthcoming election, where an Ebira son, His Excellency Governor Yahaya Bello is contesting as an incumbent. All the Igala candidates had been enjoying our supports through massive votes across party lines.


I suggest you invoke your power as the paramount ruler of Ebiraland by stopping him from coming to any part of Ebiraland for any campaign or staging a political rally within your domain. Because he may repeat such statement in Okene during his rally if he is not properly guided by his political leaders.

Stopping him will de-escalate the already existing tension which his statement has already diffused on social media and it has attracted wide condemnation from all informed individuals both within Kogi Central and beyond.

Yes, the laws allow him to campaign within the jurisdiction of Kogi State, and Kogi Central inclusive, but his statement is an emerging threat to your domain. If he is allowed to stage a rally in Ebiraland, you cannot rule out the possibility of ethnic tension between his Igala supporters who might follow him to Okene for rally and some youths of Ebiraland who believe that his utterance on National TV is a direct affront to Ebiraland. And if such unwanted situation occurs, the PDP will blame the Governor for masterminding whatever his (Engr. Musa Wada) statement might generate, since the Governor is from the land and also the major contender in the race. By extension, that will result to a long time political and inter-ethnic conflict that may outlive the PDP candidate in the long run.

Your Majesty, this same man was threatening fire for fire when he went to his party National Headquarters to receive his certificate of return as PDP candidate.

All his utterances so far had shown his kind of personality and his in-built shenanigans as a violent individual who must be stopped from ascending the number one seat of Kogi State. We the KCUM now understand better why his elder brother, Capt. Idris Ichala Wada refused to step down for him before the primaries.

His personal conduct and history is another reason why people like Sen. Dino Melaye and former Governor Ibrahim Idris refused to play their respective assigned roles in his campaign team. Other individuals have turned down some roles in his campaign.

The best strategy to adopt is to stop him from holding a rally in Ebiraland and that doesn’t not mean that the Ebira PDP members should not vote for him if they see ingenuity in his candidacy or ambition. Moreover, their vote is inconsequential and insignificant according to Engr. Musa Wada, their candidate.

Secondly, all his supporters in Ebiraland if he has any can equally join him in Igalaland for his rally if possible.

All these options must be on the table if we must maintain the peace, sanity and integrity of Ebiraland under your rulership.

Your Royal Majesty, you will recall that the Supreme Court has ruled in the case between the Federal Government and Asari Dokubo where the Apex court ruled that public security takes precedence over an individual interest. While the PDP candidate was trying to defend his ambition and personal interest, his utterances have now been seen as  security threats to our peaceful coexistence between the Igalas and Ebiras.

Please you must uphold the security interest of your domain over the personal and political interest of any individual or group of individuals.

I urge you Your Majesty to also report him formally to his traditional ruler, the Atta of Igala that such an individual should not be allowed to become a Governor in Kogi State, and why he cannot be allowed to hold a rally in your domain. 

Please, ensure that you draw the attention of the leadership of all the PDP leaders in Kogi Central and all the relevant security agencies, including the Attorney General and Minister for Justice and let him go to court to seek redress, at least he would definitely be able to defend his statement. Or he  should go back to AIT or any other broadcasting station of repute to tender his apologies.

On behalf of many Ebira youths who show concerns over the latest undemocratic utterances of the PDP candidate, do accept the highest assurances of my best wishes your Majesty.

Your subject;

Hon. En-Habib Abdullah
The convener, Kogi Central Unity Mandate (a coalition of young politicians and emerging leaders in Kogi Central)
C-in-C, Bellonoja Friends and Allies Movement.

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