Reaction to Kogi Government’s Promise to Pay Workers’ Salaries When Resources Are Available

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If only governance is not on the whims and caprices of a few individuals, we do not need to spin a fib or scratch our heads for the most disingenuous of reasons that crudely portray us as a state of unreasonable people.

Kogites are smarter than that; we are a people of high intelligence quotient, capable of sound logic and ever ready to engage any audience brilliantly and intelligently.

Perhaps, this explains why the unavailability of funds narrative to pay full salaries and pensions so long after  an inexcusable lengthy time drew giggles and nuanced grimaces because Kogites read between the lines and dismissed it as another gubernatorial histrionic in a long season of hysteria.

But what is it with our leaders and callous imperviousness to the suffering of the people?

Somebody help me!

– T. D. Bamishile

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