Purported Endorsement of Smart Adeyemi, Exhibition of Delusion by Sly Political Misfits

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The reported endorsement of Senator Smart Adeyemi for 2019 Kogi West Senatorial seat by the forum of former political office holders is just another in a series of comical display of delusion by individuals and groups as the 2019 elections draw near.
One wonders what political capital this collection of political spent forces now assume to possess to embark on the circus show they dubbed endorsement?
Expression of solidarity is normal when reasonably done but when theatrics are employed to do so for mundane reasons, it shows lack of initiative.
How can individuals who are neither constituents of nor voters in Kogi West say they endorsed an individual and expect any reasonable person  not to sneer and be amused by obvious juvenile display by grownups?
The fact that they shared the same political abode in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the past can make anyone excuse their show of solidarity; endorsers and endorsee!
However, it won’t be out of place to ask this motley congregation how their endorsement will translate to electoral success for their principal, if they could not achieve that in 2015 as office holders?
Their unanimity in the endorsement of Smart Adeyemi as sole candidate in a primary election with other screened and cleared aspirants  preparatory to the general election with other candidates is a ludicrous display of ignorance by those who have supposedly occupied political office either as appointees or electees.
Is this not the same set of people who shifted political allegiance to get their severance pay but got little?
If this latest endorsement is another way to secure endorsement for their outstanding severance pay, it is better they realize in time, it is a road that leads nowhere.
It is dumbfounding to see the extent people can go to score political points that are cheap and worthless. If this was not so, one expect those who came on a condolence visit to honor the soul of the late Mrs Yemisi Adeyemi and come back another day for politics. But haste is a foul virtue in every desperate venture.
The pathetic 500 political retirees seeking ways to get what is due them by right is not only a pointer to the twisted system in Kogi State, it reveals the inner minds of men without scruples.
For a widower who reasonably ought to still be mourning to approve such a solemn visit to be turned to another political event and bask in the deceit of the gathering is despairing.
As more seasons of absurdities unfold because of cranial and esophageal inadequacies, nothing best describes this congregation other than a group of people persistently holding on to altered reality despite copious evidence to the contrary.
Sen. Smart Adeyemi is advised to play politics the normal way, after all he has been in the game for a while. He should stop running in circles which these pay-as-you-endorse shows are.
The race is on and may the best in terms of genuine desire to make a positive difference for West Kogites win. I hope the former political office holders and the object of their collective delusion will say Amen to truthfully.
– Posi Botun
A Concerned Kogite

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