Pure Water Price Hike by the Association of Producers, a Lazy Business Strategy – Kogi Youths Council

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The National Youth Council of Nigeria, Kogi State Chapter has learnt about the implementation of price hike by the Association of Pure Water Producers. A move we perceive to be a sinister attempt to make life unbearable for the people of Kogi State.

The excuse that the cost of materials is the reason for the hike in price of sachet water is rather unfounded. We have on very good account through our networks in other states that the prices of materials, mostly disposables needed in the production of pure water has remain constant in the past 8 months, hence the prices of sachet water in states such as Benue, Edo, Ondo, Ekiti and even Niger has remained constant.

We are also very much aware of the move by the union to create artificial scarcity of the commodity in other to raise demand and allow for their sinister price hike to stand.

We on this account call on the Association of Table Water Producers (ATWAP) and other independent producers to reconsider their decision and revert to the normal price of N10 per sachet.

We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that this move by ATWAP whose members depend heavily on the state government water board without paying water rate do not frustrate the effort of citizen’s access to affordable portable drinking water.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria will be constituting a committee to meet with the Honorable Commissioner for Commerce, Mines and Industries soonest to share our findings on this matter and ensure all efforts to economically stifle Kogites are put to a halt.

Access to affordable, portable drinking water is key to living a healthy life.

Long Live Kogi State.
Long Live the federal republic of Nigeria.

His Youthfulness
Amb. Usman Samuel Ogohi
Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria,
Kogi State chapter.

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