Insecurity: Kogi NAWOJ Seeks Improved Welfare for Orphans

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In a bid to prevent children in orphanages from becoming a threat to national security, the Kogi state chapter of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) has called on government at all level, including public spirited individuals, to prioritize the welfare and well-being of the orphanage children across the country.

The Chairperson of NAWOJ in Kogi State, Mrs Edoka Stella made the call when the association visited Stagi orphanage home in Lokoja on Wednesday.

Edoka who noted that by prioritizing the needs of orphanage children, government and individuals can build a more compassionate society and unlock the full potential the children are having in the Country.

According to Edoka, vulnerable children deserved access to quality education to break the circle of poverty and access to comprehensive health care services, nutrition and food security for healthy growth and development.

The NAWOJ Chairperson also called on government to provide training and skills development programs to empower the orphanage children for a brighter future.

Explaining further, the Kogi State NAWOJ Chairperson said “Orphanage Children in Kogi State should not be left in the hands of their guidance to Carter for if we want them to become responsive in the society. No doubt that they are vulnerable, it is expected for the government and public spirited individuals to make this Children feel that they are not alone in the society.

“In the midst of poverty, insecurities, unemployment which the Country in facing today, the government must endeavor that this innocent Children in the orphanage have sense of belonging and ensure that they become a better person in the society.

“When we groom them by proving a conducive environment for them to strive, they won’t become a menace in the society but a blessing. It is on this note, am appealing to government at all level, well to do individuals to provide needed support for orphanage Children in terms of acquiring qualitative education, training, security, and welfare to make the Country a better place for them to stay. With this, Kogi State, and Nigeria as a nation will by towing into the part of greatness for a brighter future for those who are orphans in this Country”.

Edoka also advocated for counseling and emotional support to help the children cope with trauma and emotional scars.

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