Senator Echocho Takes Action on Abandoned Lokoja-Shitanku-Dekina-Anyigba Road Project

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In a move to address the plight of commuters and residents of Kogi State, Senator Isah Jibrin Echocho has taken decisive action on the abandoned Lokoja-Shitanku-Dekina-Anyigba road project.

Following a petition submitted to the National Assembly, Senator Echocho invited TEC Engineering Limited, the company handling the contract, to his office for an explanation on the project’s status.

During the meeting, Senator Echocho emphasized the critical importance of this infrastructure development for Kogi State and its people. He expressed concern over the delay in completing the project, despite its flag-off last year, and sought reasons for the holdup.

Mr. Ding, the Managing Director of TEC Engineering Limited, attributed the delay to the kidnapping of their top management staff and threats to their project engineers. He apologized for the inconvenience caused and committed to resuming work on the project.

Senator Echocho directed Tech Engineering Limited to resume work on the project within the next two weeks, warning of further action if this deadline is not met. The company has also initiated steps to address the issue of insecurity, including requesting security assistance from the Nigerian Military.

This development is a welcome relief for the people of Kogi State, who have been suffering due to the deplorable condition of the road. The prompt action taken by Senator Echocho demonstrates his commitment to serving the people and ensuring that critical infrastructure projects are completed to benefit the community.

The Senator’s intervention is a positive step towards addressing the challenges faced by the people of Kogi State, and it is hoped that this project will be completed soon to improve the lives of the residents and commuters.

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