Public Letter to Alh. Yahaya Bello by Julius Akinrinde

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The Executive Governor,

Kogi State Governor,

Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello,


                To start with Sir, I could use more private measures to reach out to you but for the sake of millions of Kogites especially on Social Media who thinks and have almost made you a “god” I decided to come out plain in writing behind my key pads and reach out to you. And so sorry my Governor for been out publicly.

                You are the first Executive Indigenous Governor since the inception of Kogi State to be privileged to occupy the Lugard house as a Governor from the Central Senatorial District of the State and as such much is greatly expected of you. Not JUST because you are a Classic Anebira alone but because destiny through providence have made you our Governor.

                I want to remind you of your promise to us when you were sworn in as the Governor- ‘I Belong to everybody and belong to Nobody’. Which made Us All feel we now have a Governor that is thinking beyond affiliations for the growth of our dear dying state. But in recent times we as citizens who believes in your ingenuity is getting scared.

 This is due to your pattern of choices of Individuals in your recent appointments and body languages you are playing to in the gallery of Friendship and Political Satisfaction. This might be explained by your cronies as due to desire for Excellence even when  choose leaders from same Families, Wards and Associations as seen in Yagba East LGA  where- a Family, Ward and Clan  is producing both the S.A and Caretaker to the Local Government. Is your government saying no other individuals could represent the People among the People?

Though to your led Government have always explained  choosing appointees has been based on Excellence, Responsibility and desire from your led government to have Individuals who the government believes could bring the desired change but what difference would it make if your appointments would create dis-harmony and discord among the people who you intend to bring the Change to?

And now come to think of it, when concerned citizens talk some of your close Aides, Appointees, Beneficiaries and Associates tend to assume we are all just making empty noises! But as a reminder to your Government Four (4) years is still far and beside the voice of the people must still be respected. Without the people you can’t be the Governor.

Another situation worthy of note is the poorly hurriedly fixed Okene Town metropolis road that was said to be fixed by some sycophant’s on your heralded coming home few weeks back after the swearing IN. More damages have been done to the road than they met it just after the first rain.

PLEASE, fix this road as soon as Possible in order to prevent a recurrent road blockage we had in recent years past. And also encourage your kinsmen and indeed the entire Kogi People to allow you see their problems first hand officially when you visit rather than providing palliative measures in disguise.

Well, in your recent un-needed 100 days in office celebration which some of us see to need for celebrating in the midst of Kogi Financial Challenges but you still find a way to make it a ceremony as usual of Nigeria Leaders! A lot of sycophant’s rolled out drums and noises in celebration to a government that is just settling down. Next time my Governor it won’t be a bad idea if such needless activities is ignored.

In conclusion, this government should embrace all section of the State even upto ward level in order to build the Kogi of our Dream. One of the biggest undoing of previous Kogi Government is leading her people based on Tribal and Political Lines. Unity in diversity would not only make your government better but would make it stronger.





– Julius Akinrinde Jplus


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