Protest Letter on Kogi West APC Leadership’s Flagrant Violation of Party Directives on Primaries

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The National Chairman,
All Progressives Congress,
With the recent arrogant impunity the majority of Kogi West APC members have experienced as it concerns the senatorial seat primary, it is imperative sir, to bring to your attention that despite the laudable ideas you have put in place to reposition our great party, APC, certain party officers with the connivance of persons under specific instructions of Kogi State government have persisted in the attempt to sacrifice the good of the party on the altar of the parochial aspiration of a particular aspirant.
Your warning sir, to States’ party Chairmen against complicity ahead of the upcoming has been obeyed in the breach.
Executive members at the State and Senatorial levels in Kogi State are already comprised as exhibited in their open alignment with a particular aspirant. Sadly, one candidate that has lost political value by virtue of previous 8 years’ stint in the Senate that West Kogites regarded as a monumental failure which led to his eventual defeat in 2015, is the beneficiary of this absurd favouritism.
A campaign of threats, intimidation, coercion and harassment have taken over Kogi West as perpetrated by Mr. Ropo Asala, Deputy Zonal Chairman with the active support of Yagba West Local Government Administrator who goes about exhibiting despotic tendencies.
Motorcycles are being shared as inducement to get the votes of the people. Certain political office holders are bent on executing the directives of the Executive not minding the repercussions for the party.
In addition to all the aforesaid, there is a plan in place to extend the primaries to very late at night to create the atmosphere for violent disruption of the primary for Kogi West.
Machinery has been set in motion to warehouse delegates who have been unduly leveraged on to ensure, the anointed aspirant gets the party’s ticket for Kogi West Senatorial seat.
Thugs have been contracted to create chaos in the primaries.
Spirited efforts are being made to move the primaries from the Senatorial District Headquarters, Kabba to Lokoja
Proposing a venue that is not conducive for a free, fair, transparent and credible primaries.
Security to be made inadequate to give hired thugs a free reign to operate.
The elaborate sinister plans aforementioned just to foist a candidate that is more of a political liability than asset are worrisome and should give every committed and loyal party member cause for concern.
An aspirant that has no poster, handbills or billboards and has refused to embark on a campaign tour to interact and familiarize with the electorates to canvas for votes but rather depend totally on manipulations made possible by the officials of the party in Kogi State under strict directives of appointed and elected political office holders; is not fit to fly the party’s flag.
We urge that Kabba be retained as the town to host the primaries in conformity with the town’s status as the headquarters of Kogi West.
We implore that the venue be an open, accessible and secured premises; attributes totally lacking in the proposed venue.
Provision of adequate security to give no room for intimidations and harassments of any kind to anyone.
Putting in place a process that will make it impossible for anyone to hijack and divert primary voting materials.
Drafting of neutral and nonpartisan persons of proven integrity by the national leadership of the party to conduct Kogi West senatorial primaries as evidence abound that the present leadership in the Senatorial District are not only compromised but biased with their persistent show of determination to twist the process towards a preconceived goal.
Insisting on foisting such an aspirant on us through a skewed primaries lacking in due process, transparency, fairness and equity is tantamount to colossal defeat for our great party as far as Kogi West senatorial contest is concerned in the 2019 elections.
Lots of infractions we have seen done in favour of an aspirant whose stock in trade is  abhorrence of due process and manipulation for personal benefits.
Your recent pronouncement to State Party Chairmen on imposition, endorsements and contrived sole candidacy among others in the primaries which you promised will attract stiff penalties; is not only assuring but has given us hope and confidence that impunity will not be permitted.
All the above stated offences have been and is still being perpetrated against party guidelines hence our decision to alert you sir before the damage allowing few individuals to put self-interest above the party become irreparable and irreversible.
We sincerely hope the fundamental issues we have raised will be tackled and treated with the urgency it deserves.
Yours faithfully,
Hon. Dayo Aiyeku
Chairman, Kogi West APC Vanguard
Kayode Orisafunmi
Secretary, Kogi West APC Vanguard

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