KSHA Okura Constituency 2019: Why PDP Delegates Must Vote And Support Elijah Atebije’s Candidature

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While the big day for the People Democratic Party (PDP) delegates in Okura Constituency to choose who to fly the party ticket ahead of the 2019 Kogi State House of Assembly election draws near, the delegates should note that the only guarantee for victory is a candidate that understands the tenets of governance.

The PDP at this time are in urgent need of switching back to power. Our party delegates should never, in any way, exchange their votes for money. The delegates should vote for credible person that would be acceptable to the electorates during the 2019 House Of Assembly Okura Constituency election.

The delegates as well as the electorate must at all cost stop the power seeking politicians to use money and buy their conscience.

The Kogi state PDP leaders should also try as much as they can to ensure the primary election is transparent and fair.

Hon Elijah Atebije is fully ready to give Okura Constituency a tangible representation. His aspiration is mainly to develop our constituency to  very enviable level giving the constituents a representation that respects the people and the party.

Hon Atebije is a well  experienced and a well-educated candidate , a bridge builder who does not have controversial character. A business tycoon with vast business experience who will never taste sleep untill he transform Okura constituency to greatness.

Our future rests on a positive interventions from like-minded people like Hon Elijah Atebije. We need thinking and business oriented people like him will take our constituency from the politics of stomach infrastructure to politics of greater development and economic infrastructure.

– Adaji Gabriel

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