Princess Zahrah Mustapha-Audu: The Amazon, Mobilizer and Her Political Philosophies

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Princess Zahrah Mustapha-Audu is the wife of the scion of the late Prince Abubakar Audu’s political dynasty, Mustapha Mona Audu, a gubernatorial aspirant of the All progressive Congress in Kogi state in 2019.

She is a princess from Nassarawa state.

Princess Zahra recently organized a carnival of sort in Abuja to drum up support for the APC by the women of the north central zone of the country. The event was so successful that she has been receiving commendation from far and near for her mobilization skills.

For those who have followed her political activities for a long time it was not surprising.

As we approach the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, there are indeed some political elites that analysts and political observers agree are key to the successes of their political parties. One of such noticeable politician working hard in her own corner to make a mark for her political party is undoubtably, Princess Zahra Audu.

Princess Zahra is a political mobilizer of note who has built mobilizing strategies that can hardly be matched in the whole of the north central states by any of her peers. She is succeeding because she is an advocate of the feminist political philosophy which political analysts say is an area of philosophy that is partly focused on the understanding and critiquing the way political philosophy is usually construed-often without any attention to women’s concerns-and on articulating how political theory might be-reconstructed in a way that advances women political concerns.

The feminist political philosophy which she is practicing today has deliberately elevated her into the women political amazon which many calls her today.

The feminist political philosophy which she practices today is a branch of both feminist philosophy and political philosophy that serves as a form of critique or a way of opening up or looking at the political world as it is usually understood and uncovering ways in which women and their current or historical concerns are poorly depicted, represented, and addressed.

Hers is a new branch of political philosophy that serves as a field for developing new ideals, practices and justifications for how political institutions and practices should be organized or reconstructed.

Princess Zahra is a complete advocate of why women leadership is important. She is known as a woman who portrays in a special way the women leaders who works collectively and individually for a better Nigeria. Her vision, strength, courage, empathy, and achievements are enormous sources of inspiration and hope for the future for all women.

An avid believer in women rights and safety, economic empowerment and equal political participation, she is very kind hearted and generous to a fault that she has continuously organized food drives for low income women and their families to give them a voice in times of difficulties.

She is today known nationally as a woman leader that recognises that all women and indeed all men deserves equal opportunities to pursue fulfilling careers and dreams, and put structures in place to help them live up to their fullest potentials so that they can drive meaningful change. She is empathic, and understands the importance of intersectionality.

As a leader today in her political party, the APC, she is applauded as a blessing to the womenfolk in the party because she has used the party platform as a veritable vehicle for women’s advancement into leadership positions and in the process be unwilling to unlearn biases and listen to constructive feedback -trying effect change and be conscious of intersectionality.

Princess Zahra has shown that she is one of the very few women who have the courage to stand up and raise her voice not so she can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard and this is because of her knowledge that the women cannot succeed when half of them are held back. Her advocacy has made it clear that feminist leadership matters and it means changing the very nature and perception of political power.

She is into politics because of the work, devotion, courage, and commitment of thousands of women before her. She as a leader today standing on their shoulders and preparing hers for the next generation and this has easily made her the representing voice of women in the APC in the north central zone, their visibility and voice advocating for change in politics which is of utmost concern.

Princess Zahra is today an influential voice for the expansion of women political participation and involvement in the decision making processes. No wonder, today in the north central zone, there is increasing recognition by governments in the APC governed states that full gender equity will ensure a stronger economy, a more developed and peaceful nation and she is committed to the good work. Her tips for leading includes building an environment where everyone inputs is valid and heard, mentoring and supporting people to cultivate an embrace their own leadership and having zero tolerance for harrassment or abuse of any kind.

She is in politics to use her words to raise the alarms on the conflicts of our time in the hope someone might hear something that moves them. In order to achieve peace her tools are politics, philosophy and love.

– Musa Wada writes from Abuja.

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