Forgetting the Antics of Pessimists and Voting Tinubu as Next President of Nigeria

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“A pessimist is a well inform optimist” – Mikhail Gorbachev.

The words of the former President of Russia and the glasnost and perestroika economic policy founder is today a reflection of our political environment presently in Nigeria. With the various attacks on Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who many has applauded as the most prepared presidential candidate through the social media by many opposition groupings in the country, it is obvious that we may likely as a nation, if this is allowed to continue on our usual path; a dream deferred, for obvious reasons but we want to emphasis and reiterate too that all the haters of our country’s progress masquerading as opposition figures must acknowledge that they need to stop because no matter how hard they try to de-marketing the best Presidential candidate on offer today is (Asiwaju Bola Tinubu), we the optimist of a better Nigeria, supports his quest for the Nigerian presidency’s, strictly on merit and shall never be dismayed.

Bola Tinubu is the only Presidential candidate whose narratives has impressed us-especially what he has written and said in times past and he is during the course of his campaign reiterating today.

Nigeria has continuously tottered and on the brink of survival but if there is a leader that has shaped the opinions on the imperatives facing the country and of the patriotic need to be optimistic of her future going forward, it is Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

This is to remind millions of Nigerians optimistic about the future of our country that 2023 is a make-or mar year for our politics especially as it is a year that we are all constitutionally empowered as citizens to recruit a new president to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari.

It is truly a make or mar year for our politics and the economy but Nigerians who are unfortunately too poor, too uneducated, or half educated-will likely be swept off their feet by issues and attributes that will not help our lots by the wailing opposition figures and their cohorts who rather than dwell on issues concentrates on tarnishing the hard earned reputation and leadership sagacity of the Frontline candidate, through lies and innuendoes.

These opposition figures are so demeaning by even stooping low to pursue their pedestrian interest by telling their followers as we seek for capable leadership to gather vote for those with the gab and good looks like Obama to most likely remain in bondage.

At least from the days of Mrs. Okonjo Iweala as the co-ordinator Minister of the Economy, Tinubu has consistently warned and always advised against the adoption of austerity measures in a period of recession.

He advised that contrary to the advices of multilateral institutions and agencies, Nigeria should not be shutting down government expenditures in times of downturn because it further damages the system and the resultant effect is there for everyone to see.

Note that Nigeria has always been in economic turmoil since independence in 1960. Tinubu today represents the leadership we need to be properly alarmed by our present situation in order to get the sense of urgency we required to make a change and that is what true leadership is all about.

 Today, I want to say this and openly too. The battle for the Presidency of Nigeria in 2023 has been won and lost. This is because the attitude of the opposition has not in the right context been persuasive enough that they are ready for seeking the leadership of the country.

When we talk of issues like employment, while Tinubu is the only candidate we have heard or seen talk or write about the need for government to pursue full employment as a strategy None of the other party have tried in this direction as all we hear is only about how old, corrupt, and morally bankrupt Tinubu is without any verifiable evidence.

The closest candidate that even dare to talk about unemployment is Peter Obi of the Labour Party, who said the core thing to do is to focus on small and medium scale enterprises (of course, after Nigeria has been able to cut expenditures on all the nonsense that takes our money away-we agreed with him on the later), but Nigeria he must remember, been pursuing the SME strategy for over decades now with negative results.

What we need without the present hate politics in Nigeria today is a Nigerian president like Asiwaju Bola Tinubu who has in times past, specifically and severally, both in his colloquia, mentioned the need to moderately close the economy to the influx of imports, to give the country a breather to organize herself and be able to produce the things the people wants.

This is what the developed countries did. Remember the Tea party in America. It was the culmination of resistance by the Americans to the dumping of goods on the new world, and it marked the beginning of the American revolution. It can be replicated here when we vote the man “wey Sabi road”.

A man that have the intuition to see the future and this is true because he has advised that in a period of recession that we went through previously, government should consider counter cyclical policies which helps the economy to lift out of the cycle of despair rather than those procyclical policies like austerity measures which further deepens the people’s misery.

This became true when the Global Misery Index was released showing that Nigeria became the 11th Misery country, down from the 15th position. The misery index is an addition of inflation and unemployment.

Tinubu has always shown he is a defender of the fiscal and naira sovereignty of our nation. This is because he knows and it is a fact that the Americans don’t joke with the sovereignty of their currency. They can tell you to devalue yours, but you try to hurt theirs at your peril. Tinubu has espoused this several times that we don’t need to have to sell our crude oil, realise the dollars, change it back to naira before paying the salaries of those who tangible work, especially in the public service.

He believes that if we assert the sovereignty of the naira, we can employ the people we need to turn our fortune around. The damage in this is printing more naira to pay salaries as this will drive inflation. We can visibly reduce the dependence on foreign goods and products and the constant search for the dollars. Our currency would do better and inflation will trend down because money will circulate here in the country when the Tinubu’s anomic prescriptions are implemented and who else have the wherewithal to implement them than the man wey know road, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

It is about the economy, stupid. Lets stop the political hate by voting the right man for the job.

– Musa Wada writes from Abuja.

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