Police Siege: There is a Conspiracy to Keep Sen. Melaye Out of Circulation Permanently

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In view of the events of the past few days as it affects Senator Dino Melaye, it has become imperative to place in the public domain officially the impropriety of this new attempt to muzzle dissenting voices to those in power. 

Four days before the invasion of Sen. Dino Melaye’s residence, he alerted the world of a plan to that effect which the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Acting. DCP. Jimoh Moshood hurriedly denied and tagged mischievous.

With the unfolding event, we have every reason to be concerned about the real motive behind the new attempt to arrest Sen. Dino Melaye considering the spate of strange and unresolved deaths of persons in police custody in recent past.

Kogi State judiciary is presently on strike with no known date of resolution and it is disturbing that the Police will display so much desperation to bring the Senator into their custody with the fear expressed for his safety.

That this new onslaught commenced after the curious transfer of Kogi State Commissioner of Police who the Kogi State Government vehemently fought to be retained earlier in the year after an official transfer was announced, gives room for apprehension.

We are constrained to believe that there is a conspiracy to keep Sen. Dino Melaye out of circulation permanently by some persons and it is the script that is presently playing out.

We are not unaware of the meeting in Abuja in which prominent political figures in Kogi State plotted what we are witnessing now but it is disturbing that certain persons in a law enforcement agency will make themselves willing tools in the hands of politicians to manipulate the system towards a devious objective.

We call on all the supporters of Sen. Dino Melaye and Peoples Democracy Party (PDP) to remain calm as every legal avenue to address this absurd abuse of power is being pursued. We remain resolute and unwavering in our quest to stand up to impunity until it is rooted out of our politics and country.

– Gbenga Bright Olulade
For: Dino Melaye Campaign Organization

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