Head to Head Analysis of PDP and APC Campaign Councils in Kogi State

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The battle for the soul of Kogi State and the forth coming Presidential elections in Nigeria has been x-rayed by the Head-Head comparison between the All Progressives Congress, campaign Council members and the People’s Democratic Party’s campaign Council stock.

On one side, youthfulness reigns, on the other side, a football team of gerontocrats seeking the pudding they have lost to the divine strategy orchestrated by God almighty to liberate the unborn generation of Kogi state and Nigeria, have re-assembled to continue pillaging the future of the young.

It is a fierce battle between the dominant part of the population whom are the youths, the future of this country. The revolution of tomorrow. The message of 21st century. The petals of tomorrow’s progress. The Youths! Against the team of “age long beneficiaries” of a system that has driven our society into engineered madness.

On a Keto-diet, ingredients of greed, nepotism, mediocrity, favoritism and elitism was used to shortchange young people from people and affluence until the intervention of God almighty.

If not for an unserious political party that believes in Government of the Old, for the Old, how can the average age of the constituted campaign council of the PDP be put at 66, whilst that of APC hangs at 47?

In a grit analysis by Kogi state’s APC, Director General of 2019 campaigns, Hon. Edward Onoja, he submits:

“In Kogi average age of PDP Campaign Council top rank is 66 For APC is 47. This Confirms my position of a battle of between Generations in 2019. APC
1. Chairman Of Council-Yahaya Bello (43)
2. Deputy Chairman/Party Chair-Abdullahi Bello(49)
3. Director General-Edward Onoja (44).
4. DG West-Seidu Salisu Akowe (54)
5. DG East-Haruna Musa Idoko (47)
6. DG Central-Agagu Subeiru Dagruma(47).
Average age 47 years.
1.Chairman of Council-Ibrahim Idris (69)
2.Deputy Chairman/Party Chair-Samuel Uhuoto (70)
3. Director General-Clarence Olafemi (66)
4. DG West- Abiodun Ojo(67)
5. DG East-Chief John Odaun (72)
6. DG Central- Abdulrahman Badamausi(54)
Average age 66 years.

Retirement Age for Civil Servants in Nigeria is 60 years. It is a Battle between The GrandPas versus The GrandSons”.

From the factual presentation of this, the Head to Head reiterates the age long rivalry between old people and young, mostly elitist in composition who from our chequered history took the reins of power, sent generations unborn to societal bondage they have refused to hand over to the technology-generation that owns the future.

With these men, what is the vision for the future? What is their plans beyond the already known campaign slogans? Aside handing over riches and power to their children, what is their plan for your future as a young person?

Regardless of the challenges of governance for the past 3 years, ask yourself, where do you belong in the power equation of the future?

– Promise Emmanuel (Kogi Rebel)

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