PDP Must Realize That INEC Exists For All Parties – Osagbemi

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Citizens’ Centre for Democratic Governance has described the attempt by PDP in Kogi West to label the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) by dragging its image to the mud with some fallacious claims of malpractices, forgery, conspiracy and wasteful application of funds, as evil.

The National Coordinator in person of Anthony Osagbemi in a statement asserted, that the unthinkable scheme which was put out through a communiqué that was signed by the senatorial chairman showed that the PDP as congregation of enlightened persons, hardly sees through events before they jump into conclusions.

For the records, Osagbemi said that “INEC did not make-up any document but only received a compendium containing data which included names and signatures from a group that spearheaded the petitioning”.

He further noted that this event was published on several news platforms on the 21st of June, 2017.

Shedding more light on the matter, He explains how the recall process has been packaged to include so many phases, for which the verification part of it, is to confirm if indeed the people who signed the petition were truly interested in the recall or existed.

On the aforementioned, Osagbemi concluded that “INEC has indeed been justified following the fairness and steadfast attitude it displayed in spite of attempts at inducing it”.

Osagbemi described the action of PDP as nonsensical and further suggested that they had fumbled when they ignorantly made the whole report look like INEC was a culprit who had interest in the matter, while what they wanted actually was to get INEC to persecute the persons who were involved in this forgery of data that was presented.

He continued “We have issued stern warnings to PDP severally on the ground of their wolf cry attitude as this does not promote the politics of sportsmanship and democracy in a long run”.

He called on the PDP to understand that INEC exists for all political parties and also for all citizens, Osagbemi reiterated, that “we must all believe in INEC to deliver 2019 elections that will be free and fair in accordance to the electoral laws of the land”.  In his direct words, “We shall continue to resist any attempt by any person or group to put pressure on INEC, INEC has its eyes on the ultimate goal and will not be distracted”.

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