Painful Joy

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A poem dedicated to the rare gifts of God wrapped in delicate but fierce courage. To all mothers…


Her stomach in blooming knot,

Her waist burning like a volcano,

Her breaths, coming in short gasps,

She gulps for air like a drowning man.

Oh this pain!

Rising and falling,

Soaring like an eagle one moment;

The next, a drop of relief.

To begin all over again,

Exhaustion becomes her friend.

She thinks to give up,

Then ‘push’ she hears.

Tired and in pain,

She grabs at something to do.

A constant river of her efforts,

Streaming down her face.

In pain, she screams,

As she battles to fulfil her purpose.

Deep in her twinge,

A sharp cry resonates,

Piercing (through) the air,

Heralding hopeful life,

Bringing reprieve to tired limbs.

At first glimpse of her gift,

A smile breaks on her face –

A reward for her suffering,

And joy deep within her heart,

As she knows for the same reward;

The ordeal she will welcome a million times.

Composed by Habibat O. Salawu.

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