Opinion: Decampees in Olamaboro LGA Are Nothing But Attention Seekers

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It is no more news that Kogi state has been an unfortunate state over the time but whatever you have no control upon, you have no alternative than to accept it, as put by Albert.

Olamaboro Local Government Area is not an exception to the this effect. Imagine those we unanimously entrusted with council positions during the era of peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Olamaboro LGA, who failed woefully and shamelessly are also making their ways to the ruling party to seek for peoples support again.

How possible will this be??

I want to make it clear to the well meaning executives of All Progressives Congress (APC), with no fear of any contradiction or whatsoever, that those decampees in Olamaboro LGA recently are nothing but attention seekers and thus should be put under watch for period of years. This is coming as an advice to the party not to front any of them for any of their political activities in the area for the said period because the people of Olamaboro LGA are sick and tired of them and as such are not ready to work with them.

The development of the LGA has been retarded during their reign out of wickedness, selfishness and ignorance. We are not ready to tolerate that from them anymore.

So, APC should beware of who they chose to lead them in that council.

– Tijani Ibrahim Attah

Okpo, Olamaboro LGA


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