Opinion: The Benefits of Strike To Students

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Dear Nigerian Students,

It is not a glorious thing to discuss strike. It also seems nonsensical to think that strike, which disrupts cademic activities, slow down graduation, NYSC mobilization and what have you, can in any way be beneficial to any student. Strike is evil and pestilent, to say the least. However, our ability to see opportunity amidst danger and challenges like strike is what  makes us creative, smart and wise as youngsters.

Of course, strike has become a house hold name in this part of the world. It is and endemic that its end in Nigeria does not seem near. It comes up every now and then in our higher public institutions. This is for the fact that the people at the helm of affairs hardly keep their children with us in an educational system they have rubbished with their hands and thus denigrated.

Not helping matter is the lingering economic recession in the country. No doubt, many state universities are bound to plunge into strike soon as more States are owing salary arrears.

Considering the  occurrence and recurrence of strike actions, it has become pertinent for us to begin to device means of making the best out of strike at any point or level it hits us as students.

You see, no body teaches you how you can plan your life in school so you must teach yourself, internalized and exercise it. It is deadly in this technological and skill driven society to think that your certificate is most important. The certificate will surly come and of course you know that many have gotten it and like you, many will still get. Base on this fact, skills have become the key as it give a holder lots of values and edge over others.

Strike is like a break, while it lasts, every wise student would think of something to do to add value to his/her life. Passing time with social media or television is not the best. The best is going out there to engage yourself productively.

I have discovered that many graduates get into skill acquisition and vocational training after graduating from school amidst the tensity of the life after school. Why can’t students consider all these before leaving the school. If you already have something before leaving the school, then you have saved the time of starting afresh after school. Your next step after school would be to set the ball of your business rolling as fast as possible.

Any break from school should be seen as an opportunity to get into different endeavors that would be of help in the future. Gone are the days when students would sit at homes leaving their future at the mercy of a governor or one man that does not feel your pains a bit. Don’t leave your life to chance. Take the responsibility of whatever you make out of your life.

Is your school on strike, thank God, it is time for you to go and acquire that skill. It is time for you to tryout that business or idea. Remember that if you can’t confront your fears, you can’t conquer it.

Whatever you learn over the strike period will remain with you, it could be what you may have to start with after school. It could even start fetching you little pay when you get back to your studies.  It is time to Sit-up and wise-up…

Best Regards.

– Onoja Johnson Baba


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