Opinion: How Kogi State Was Landed In Misfortune By Potbelly Politicians

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I always like to bring up my experience of how I felt when I took third position for the first time. If you have been following my articles on my blog, then you can relate to this. I’ve come to realize that people who works for what they have values it the more compare to those giving an undeserved opportunity.  I could remember screaming at the top of my voice after collecting my report card and been awarded the third position. Earnestly without missing words, that experience was my first shoulder to shoulder rub to what’s call success and that’s why I can never forget what it feels like. That is exactly the feeling you get when you truly want something and eventually getting it. A sleeping dog can never know the value of the bone thrown at him, compare to the hungry one searching endlessly for a hard bite. Kogi governor is rocking the shoe of an unwarranted opportunity. He is a privileged ingrate and a slow thinker. Let’s refresh his memory a bit;

I could remember reading through the pages of vanguard on the 22nd of November 2015. It was no joke that Prince Abubakar Audu was dead. Yes! Dead and gone. To be sincere I wasn’t one of his followers (am hardly anyone’s follower), but I held him and still hold him in high esteem for the laudable projects he carried out as a two term governor of Kogi State. Potbelly Politicians crying and lamenting for the loss of their dearly beloved, but deep down ambitions and aspirations are cooking up in the heart of many. They desperately want to take his place. Well, it’s certain that someone must definitely do. The people of Kogi State need not agitate or mount pressure on anyone, because most, if not all, were certain who their next governor should be. All these was happening when the citizen were still trying hard to get over the tenure of a maniac, which they had to endure for good four years. Idris Wada, who I love to call the governor with the shortest Wikipedia page (even Yahaya Bello). They both have a six line of Wikipedia pages (if you think am lying, Google their names). I know this doesn’t matter when it comes to the current situation in the state. But it does matter because it clearly shows they’ve achieved nothing. Been a contributor to Wikipedia, I know what it means to create a Wikipedia page with relevant proofs to back up all claims. Now back to the story;

To cut the long story short, Mr. Bello emerged the favorite candidate to fill the shoes of a great man. Little did he know that the man shoes his currently rocking established Kogi State University on the 30th of Nov. 1999 (the same university his trying so hard to tear apart), Kogi State Polytechnic, the establishment of a television station, radio station, the transformation of the Lugard House into an ultra-modern Government House Complex. Did he know that the Abuja State Liaison Office in Asokoro, which he constantly loves to visit, was constructed by this same man? Prince Abubakar established a specialist eye Hospital and 25 other medical institutions. Drilled 350 boreholes and commissioned over 40 rural electrification projects. This is what Gov. Yahaya Bello was stepping into without comprehending it. The people of Kogi State voted for a man who has once delivered most of his campaign promises. The expectations was high, the people were hungry for more landmark projects. If not why will they vote the same man for the third time? Check the statistics across the states. How many ex-governors can boast of this?

I don’t want to mention the fact that James Faleke was robbed. Because each time I think about his case, it saddens my heart. The fact is that Kogi is been ruled by an imposed Governor who has been stoned more than twice (been the first in the state’s history), the people of Kogi state has not forgotten the scenario that brought you to power and we can never forget (we will teach it to our children and children’s children).

Am in deep pain, the people of Kogi State are in deep pain. Too many debacle in the state because even the unborn are horrified by the pandemonium inflicted by the current admiration. I intend to keep this message very short and well attacking. I want my dear Governor to remember that a time will come that the people of the state will start asking questions. A time will surely come when the immunity will totally fade away. To be frank Mr. Governor, how do you sleep at night knowing fully well that the people you took an oath to serve are constantly squeaking in torture and throbbing? How do you become so pitiless? Am sure you have an answer to this.

Akiwunmi Ambode worked hard to become the governor of Lagos State and the difference is clear. Who did this to Kogi State? Death was the origin of this political delinquency and the Attorney General of the Federation, a strong subordinate (for imposing the idea of choosing the runner up of the Primary Elections as a candidate to replace Prince Audu for the in-conclusive elections). So sad, that such a calamity has to befall a state still striving for development. A lot has been learnt and the mistakes are well noted for posterity sakes.

As little as I was I understood what it means to actually succeed at something. I understood how I must keep the fire burning to stay relevant. I understood that success comes with its own weight. A weight you must be ready to carry in order to stay winning. Kogi present administration was not ready for success. They were no anticipation, no manifesto, and no obligation to fulfill. In fact this is an admiration that has already accepted defeat until fate smiled on them. A fate that brought misfortune to millions, both young and old and this is how the state was landed in misfortune.

– Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta is a career consultant, speaker, event host, and co-founder of HopeDose Consultancy

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