Austeen Otene; The Quest for Leaders With Ideology, Not Leaders With Power

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When the ideal concept is missing, the wrong and mischief become the reality and the reality at this point will in turn negate what ideally is supposed to be obtainable.
Today’s result is an offshoot of the planning of yesterday and just like the human existence is in continuum nature, so is life and everything thereof. We must therefore, make our decision now as 2019 will seems today, when it eventually comes.
The uniqueness of the year 2019 is not contestable, the year, of course, heralds another season of decision making, on who will be our leaders for another term. Hence, the need to make our decision early before our decision makes us, should be our priority now. What I mean by leaders with power could simply be refers to: power of incumbency, economic power, political power, the hegemony of tribes as a means of power, among others, if these become the modules or indices through which we decide on who becomes our leader, then, competency and appropriate political will, will be outrightly extinguished, the implications of this action often result in maladministration, looting, corruption, impunity of government’s policies as against collective decision making as a hallmark of a democratic government. Now is the time for us to checkmate thoroughly the intending candidates for the various political positions. Remember, the risk of inactions is greater than the action itself. Now the question is, how do we meet the right candidate?
Meeting a right candidate could be direct or indirect, that is, you may have met such candidate directly or through a third party, but obviously, what defines a good leader is the testimonies of his person, which this platform can not be left out in playing such role. Today, the people of Omala, Ankpa, Olamaboro Federal Constituency have gotten a unique son, Austeen Anibe Otene, who is at best when it comes to meeting the needs and the cry of his people, his nostalgic feeling is one of the reason he must win, this is because many have forgotten home over time due to God’s given wealth, neglecting that “home is home” no matter what, if there is no foundation, there can never be a structure. His core desire is to see how he can carry everybody along, this can largely be done through his involvement in governance, particularly, in the law making body, where through his active participation, a task he is equal to, will bring about the dividends of democracy we need.
To this end, we must frown seriously at those who have diverted our resources into personal pocket and maybe coming out for more positions, our question first for those set of politicians is where is their scorecard? I am sure, such may wants to brainwash us via buying our votes and consciences with money, but are we not too expensive for money to buy? Come to think of it, how much can you be paid for your soul, that you think you’ve being paid enough? But in turn what this amount to is another phase of poor governance, which we will all complain tirelessly without remedy. Austeen Anibe Otene have a vision which have being tested by many persons around him, their testimonies about him know no bound; humility, tolerance, generosity, hospitality and respect for the people and corporate bodies are the few things that have held me spellbound since my contact with him, he is a dynamist when it comes to good character traits, I bet you, when you meet him, you will discover another good of him, which may have not being discovered before.
Together we can, but divided we can’t, we therefore, use this medium to officially call on well meaning sons and daughters of Omala, Ankpa, Olamaboro to join hands for the actualization of this dream.
“You are one of the reason, we must succeed, join hands with TeamOtene2019 for a better and a transformed constituency, come 2019″.
Thanks and remain bless.
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