Opinion: A Call on Gov. Yahaya Bello to Relieve Emmanuel Ayo Arewa of His Post

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The Timber Buyers Association of Okunland wishes to register our displeasure and grievance over the activities and misrule of Mr Emmanuel Ayo Arewa who’s the consultant of the Kogi state government in revenue generation from the timber buyers.

Sir, we unanimously took an irrevocable decision by passing a vote of no confidence on Mr Arewa who also doubles as the APC youth leader in our senatorial district.

Here are the reasons why Mr governor should relieve him of his position for the betterment of all and sundry.

It is pertinent to note that since he assumed that office, he’s shunned the activities of the Union. This is evident in that, he’s neglected and displayed flagrant disregard to unionism of the Timber Buyers Association.

Secondly, he’s politically immaterial. As a stakeholder of APC, he doesn’t have the wherewithal and dexterity to mobilize people for the ruling party which is very abysmal. This is APC youth leader who should wield a lot of influence by mobilizing our people into APC. He’s failed woefully in this regards. His nonchalance has caused the party to lose some bigwigs to the PDP. In fact, the Chairman of Timber Buyers Association in Okunland, Hon Folorunsho Oladare aka Jam de Box who is a very virile and active politician recently defected to PDP at Bolorunduro/Odo-Akete ward of Kabba.

The activities of our association under his tenure as a consultant on Forestry in Kogi West have totally collapsed due to his high handedness and mephistophelean nature. In fact, the timber business has been brought to a halt and we have even embarked on strike. This Arewa has been intimidating us and limiting our activities which have adversely affected our business.

As we speak now, foreign timber buyers have boycotted Kogi West, they no longer patronise us. No thanks to Mr Arewa. Sir, virtually all our members have repudiated the ruling party because of this man, and our relevance in Kogi West can’t be overemphasized.

Greed: He has penchant for greed and egocentrism. He’s made hundreds of millions but for his own selfish aggrandizement. He has not in anyway affected the lives of his constituents positively. Even the money he ought to utilize as empowerment for the youth was siphoned into his own pocket, with his acquisition of choice property at the expense of our people.

Lack of cordial relationship with the association: His pride and arrogance is something that has been giving us great concern. He believes only in himself; one-man show without carrying anybody along. Aside that, he’s been too sentimental. He believes only in his own clan at the expense of other major clans in Kabba town. Alas, this is going to have a negative impact on the administration of Mr Governor. As if that’s not enough, he diverted the money meant for the empowerment of our youth into frivolous venture by sponsoring concocted stories against the newly installed Obaro of Kabba Kingdom. He’s been using government’s funds to excoriate the new king.

With these cogent reasons, we are hopeful that the executive governor, Alh Yahaya Bello and the Chief of Staff, Chief Edward Onoja would consider our plea so that this Arewa wouldn’t make us lose elections in Okunland come 2019.

We urge that his maladministration and excesses be checked so that the timber buyers won’t be at the receiving end of his dictatorial tendency. Thank you sir in anticipation of your rescue.

God bless Okunland, God bless Kogi State, God bless Nigeria


Hon Folorunsho Oladare aka Jam De Box,

Chairman Timber Buyers Association, Okunland.

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