Natasha; Dare To Be Uniquely Different While Playing Politics

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It’s no news that Natasha Akpoti has declared her interest to run the race of becoming a distinguish Senator at the 9th Assembly. What however is not surprising was the mammoth crowd that heralded her declaration. It goes to show that though support can be bought, unflinching royalty comes by a potpourri of humanitarian services the recipient had offered the people.

Political pundits and observers have asserted that her recent hobnob with the Governor of Kogi State is in her bid to become the favourite candidate both for the governor and the party, APC. They’ve also alleged that her struggles for the revival of the comatose Ajaokuta steel complex was strategically hyperbolic to gain political relevance as the race intensifies.

While I’m not holding brief for anybody, let me quickly remind Madam Natasha that she still owes the people some explanations regarding her renewed relationship with the government she had laid a plethora of allegations against, if for nothing, to clear the dust of uncertainty beclouding the political space. She promised to do that and I, among others, is waiting for her account, that is, if she thinks it’s necessary to stay true to her promises. You know, little things commands my total support.

Her resolve to join the Senatorial Race is highly commendable, giving her exposure and the exhibited willpower to cause an endearing change. This dispensation has seen quite a lot of good brains and its my wish that we end up having the best of them representing the rest of us. However, I think legislative business is a serious business that should be thoroughly planned for and communicated to the people, while seeking their support.

Being a highly revered intellectual, I expect that while playing the political angle to her aspiration, she should distinguish herself from the rest by laying bare the plans that will differentiate her, giving the opportunity to serve, through the instrumentality of her blueprint. This will aide the people to support base on informed promises rather than just emotions and her struggles thus far. Also, juxtaposing her actions when elected with her promises will help the people inference whether or not some tangible progress were made. Above all, communicating her plans will determine her readiness to represent the people.

I’ve had cause to critique the incumbent and previous representatives but was unable to thoroughly appraise their administrations owning to my inability to compare and contrast their promises with what they do/did in reality. Archiving their blueprint would have helped in that regard but they had none, or maybe I couldn’t find one. The people are appreciative of her efforts on Ajaokuta and several social interventions she had spearheaded, but riding on those feats isn’t enough, in my view, to entrust her with the position. She should let the people know her plans on what to expect.

In conclusion, we are almost coming to term with the fact that we need quality leadership, one that will go beyond acquiring Okada and sundry equipment to empower people who don’t need them. As such, communicating one’s plan will go a long way in staying different while playing the game, politics.

While I wish Barr.  Natasha H. Akpoti the very best in her political aspiration, I’m eager to see all of the above happen before throwing my support. Politics is about interest, mine has just been expressed.

– Alabi John Ozovehe

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