Opinion: Kogi West, The Okun Nation and Her Senatorial Representative

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I watched our Senatorial Representative, Senator Dino Melaye (SDM) on national  news and I have read his story on the last episode as published in many newspapers this morning. I perfectly understand that many of his co-constituents (the elites, the people) are at a loss, quiet, indifferent or simply unsettled. Yes, when things aren’t too logical and going on a supersonic speed many can’t relate with it. Many fear the unknown, fear the unspoken, fear collateral damage, fear the power of state etc etc. That is wise…however, Sen. Dino Melaye represents us TODAY. and God willing he will finish his term ALIVE.
Today, we have no other in the nation’s red chambers. Whenever or Wherever SDM is mentioned it is interlocked with Kogi West and the Okun People. That cannot be faulted, he is ours! And the world calls him ours.
My Prayers and Pleas are thus:-
– Let’s reach out to him. Yes, he is said not to always pick calls, please lets text/whatsapp him or his minders and ask they forward it. May God help him to read as many as he can and should.
– Let our formidable Okun Association(s), the people and persons of importance assist in calling for the restoration of the securities he has been asking for, then we would know we have played our parts. That I believe will reduce all these on going and assist in his protection.
– Let’s pray for him. Yes, we hate some of his styles, his defiance and stubbornness. There is nothing prayers cannot  fix.
Let’s find ways to create peace, for blessed are the peacemakers.
Today, and as long as SDM is Our Senator, he is our duty and we have duties for him to do. Duties that will outlast all of us but serve as our own legacies of development to Okun generations unborn e.g The Federal University in Okunland! Lets not bury all and everything in Politics!!!.
I pray WE all try to play our roles today. May God bless our land, our people, Kogi West, Kogi State and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
– Erelu Ronke Bello.

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