Kogi@30: A State Yearning for Development

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Kogi state, which is referred to as the Confluence State, celebrates 30 years of its existence. The sad reality is that it has indeed been taken three decades backwards.

A state so blessed with diverse human and natural endowment is seen struggling to pay the full dues of its work force, and it seems those saddled with the responsibility to call the government in power to order, and fight for the rights of their employees, have become docile and have joined the bandwagon of the oppressors.

A state that has the potential of being a source of strength to surrounding states, have been left to degenerate due to visionless and purposeless leadership. A leadership that ought to be focused, but have rather chosen to divert the resources of the state for personal aggrandizement that is only but a wild goose chase.

This is not the State our founding fathers like Dr Stephen Achema, Prince Abubakar Audu (Adoja) of blessed memory, fought to preserve.

What then is the way out for the bleeding state of our dear mother land?

There is urgent need for value reorientation amongst all her citizenry, both home and in the diaspora. We must see the State as our heritage and must play our individual roles, to ensure the dreams of our founding fathers sees the light of day.

While we outrightly condemn the mishandling of the state resources by the government in power, as well as the docile nature of the State Assembly who have made hypocrisy and “Yes Sir” slogan their daily anthem, rather than serve as the hope of the masses against the maladministration of the Executive, the rest of us have daily roles to play at empowering, training and retraining of citizens who should be groomed to become what God destined them for.

Those who desire to aspire for leadership positions at different levels of governance should not wait until its election season before showing up to assist our youths, women and children. For leadership is not a position, but an attribute exhibited to impact society, leaving behind crevices for future generations to emulate.

We have a blank cheque before us. What we do with it, determines how the citizens will embrace our intent the morrow. On the part of the citizens, when it is time to choose leaders, ensure it is devoid of any form of partisanship, be it political, party or ethnic affiliation. 

KOGI will become great again and no amount of visionlessness and purposelessness by those saddled with the responsibility of governance can alter God’s divine plan. Though it tarries, it will surely see the light of day.

God bless KOGI state. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

– Dr. Sunday Bala Oma (FIMC, CMC, FIYF-USA)
Immediate Past Youngest Kogi State Governorship Aspirant, 2019
Odu-Akpelu, Dekina Local Government Council, Kogi State, Nigeria.

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