My Greatest Nightmare As A Lawmaker – Hon. Lawi

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The lawmaker representing Okene I state constituency, Hon. Lawi AT Ahmed, has revealed that his greatest nightmare is how to leave a lasting legacy which will impact positively on the lives of my constituents and Kogites in general.
He made the revelation during an interactive session with newsmen in Abuja.
When asked what he would consider his greatest challenge since he became the member of Kogi State House of Assembly, he stated that problems will always occur, and as leader, such problems should always be dealt with.
“I tell people that one of the things God has developed real well in me is to remove fear from me, I fear nothing”‎, he said.
He stated that the only thing that frightened him was if the Sixth Assembly of Kogi State, which he is also a member of, will be able to leave landmark achievements.
“The only thing that frightens me is if this Sixth Assembly which, by virtue of the grace of God, I have been called upon by my constituents to represent, will be able to leave landmark achievements; that is what bothers me and prevents me from sleeping.
“At times, I begin to think about what is it that I have achieved, done wrong or could have done better? What is the next line of things I can do for the betterment of the lives and living conditions of my people?
“I am going to be my 3 years in office soon, what can I really say I have done that has bettered the lot of my constituents? What will be my place when the history of this State is written?”
“Those are the issues that prevent me from sleeping, really, as against political battles with individuals or thinking about next elections – those are not the issues at all.
“I bother a lot about where, how I have been representing the people that entrusted me with their votes and what is it I can achieve in both parliament and in government, because we are running the same government. If Gov. Yayaha Adoza Bello fails; all of us have failed, because it is one government and we cannot extricate ourselves”‎, he said.
Hon. Lawi, who also revealed that he occasionally writes advisory memos to the Governor, stressed the importance of working as one irrespective of party affiliations and positions occupied, in order to make the current administration succeed in its efforts to better the lot of Kogites.
“Sometimes I sit down, craft memos by myself and take it to the Executive; it is not my responsibility, the government has its own advisers, but I fear a lot about the place our government will occupy in history.
“All of us will be involved in that history, none of us will run away whether you are just a member, a leader, a Chairman of a Committee, whoever you are it is our government, it doesn’t even matter which political party you belong to, it is one government and we are all involved.
So for this, I urge all of us to continue supporting the administration of gov. Yahaya Bello and pray for him to succeed if you want us to achieve our aim in making the state a greater one.
“So the point is what is the legacy we are leaving behind? What are we achieving? That’s the thing that gives me nightmares sometimes.”
As a lawmaker, I have a very limited access to financial resources but however with the little resources at my disposal
I am going to reel out some of my achievements so far.
Below are the list of some of my achievements‎:
We started Town hall/Constituency briefing which is unprecedented in the history of our Constituency but majority of our critics of today never bothered to attend while some that attended were more interested in personal gains and requests. Of course there were those that attended and made positive remarks with constructive criticism. I must say those comments and criticism assisted us in drawing our road-map and shaping our agenda.
 I have gave out over 10,000 exercise books and 5,000 school bags under the LAWI EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT AND TRAINING Program L.E.S.T. to all the public primary pupils across the 7 wards of my constituency. You may ask to be shown samples.
2. I have organized holiday coaching for JSS/SSS students in my constituency to help improve their performances.
3. I have awarded scholarships to over 50 students both in the primary, secondary and higher institution across the 7 wards of my constituency.
4. For over 5 years before my election, I have been giving cash assistance to students in higher institutions and secondary Schools especially from Okene to support their quest for higher education and I still continue to do so and have extended it to the entire wards in my Constituency. I have records of this and some of the beneficiaries are brilliant graduates today.
5. I have supported school with computers particularly in Okene LGA. Check LGEA Standard Nursery and Primary School, Onyikoko, Okene for your verification.
1. I have gave out 75 farmers’ herbicide spraying pumps with chemicals.
2. N10,000 cash empowerment to over 140 women across my constituency.
3. I gave out 5 deep freezers.
4. We gave out 3 hair dryers
5. I distributed 2 generators
6. I gave out 5 sewing machines
7. I gave out 2 grinding machines.
The distribution list covered the 7 wards of my constituency and we have the records of beneficiaries for your verification.
8. Provision of Generator Set to Okene general hospital, Check children ward for your verification.
9. Financial assistance to individuals, organizations, Associations and religious bodies by myself are too numerous to mention across the 7 wards of my constituency that I represent and spanning social engagements, businesses, health and medical bills, poverty alleviation, school support and fees etc.
For the avoidance of doubt every member of my staff and aides have records of this and we maintain a main register that is updated on daily basis. This can be opened to anybody for inspection in my constituency office.
1. Periodic hospital visitations in my constituency coupled with provisions of drugs and other essential needs to assist patients and hospitals.
2. Payments of hospital bills and medical assistance to constituents. We have records of all these too.
3. Renovation of children ward in Okene general hospital.
4. Donations of bed sheets and mosquito nets to Okene general hospital.
5. Provision of generator set to Okene general hospital, check children ward for your verification .
1. Repairs and rehabilitations of over 7 boreholes across my constituency e.g:
* Opp. Ahovi’s house Idare, Otutu ward
* At the front of Sheikh Ahmad Rufai house, Onyikoko.
*Opp. Abonyi Obaro house, Idoji.
*Ahache primary school, Okeneba, Agassa Ahache ward
*Orietesu ward
*Bariki ward
*Around Nasiru soso house,
Lafia/Obessa ward
I realized that lack of portable water posed serious challenges to my constituents especially health wise, i visited all those places during the campaign and I pledged to help, alleviate these challenges hence the rehabilitation of the boreholes and drilling of new ones when the resources is available. Anyone in doubt can visit those locations. We have our records And for avoidance of doubts. More rehabilitations are coming for the people of my constituency.
1. I have assisted so many sport organisations on soccer competition especially on football and other Sports in my constituency and donated trophies for the organizers of different competitions.
2. Plans are already in top gear to host one of the world-class volleyball competition in Okene.
3. I have consistently supported School sports competition annually with cash and materials, We also have the records of beneficiaries.
As a lawmaker, I have contributed my own quota through motions and bills on the floor of the House of Assembly including an overnight functions and contributing to so many positive Bills and Motions moved in the hallowed chambers.
*I have assisted so many of my constituents by enlisting some of them into Nigeria Police Force through the 3 names per wards submitted.
* Some of my constituents, about eight of them have concluded training and recruitment into Nigerian Army. (They all cut across the 7 wards of my constituency)e.g:
– John Sunday
– Kabiru Aminu
– Hakeem Dada
– Jimoh Salami
– Yakubu Abdulhameed
– Monday Obeito
– Omeiza Momohjimoh
*One of my constituent with 1st class graduate Abdulrasheed Mumuni has just been employed by the Nigerian Railway Corporation as Traffic and Commercial officer. He is posted to Kebbi.
*Our 45 nominees for various skill acquisition training such as phone repairing, flooring and tiling, barbing, etc under the auspices of National Directorate of Employment NDE are currently undergoing training and some have concluded cosmetology training just 3 weeks ago, while some are still waiting for shortlisting. They are all from my constituency.
* Our nominee for Google training Suleiman Okene Dauda just completed his training and I am sure he found it useful.
* I have also nominated some of my constituents for N-Power recruitment exercise, some of them were called up while others are yet to be engaged and there is still an ongoing effort by me to ensure fairness in that regard.

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