Kogi West and 2024 Gov’ship: Our Unity is Our Strength

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The unity of the people of Kogi West Senatorial District  is our collective strength in our quest and agitation for the Governorship of Kogi State  We may not depend solely on the level of our inner courage that we will mustered, but on the the grace and mercy of the Almighty God from whom every strength is derived. 

Natural strength has its normal abating state, the reality is that when we draw our collective strength from the Almighty God, equally we possess the attributes, the ability and strength to succeed through constant and consistent agitations with prayers for divine support in a renewal of faith, hope, belief in our ability and positive confessions, devoid of negative thoughts and utterances.

We must as a people sincerely be desirous of one of our own occupying Lugard House comes 2024 and going forward here, we must stop those posting subversive materials on our social media portals aimed at deliberately provocating other people’s reasoning and derailing our collective efforts in our agitation.

When some people who do not mean well for posts items we considered to be offensive and the admins have not done the needful, it beats ones imagination why  any of us should be threatening that he or she will leave the portal like the post was from an admin

The God of our fathers, the God of the people of Kogi West, whose omnipotence  cannot be compared to any, nor does He have an equal. The Lord that reigns supreme in the affairs of men created all Kogi citizens and dispenses fairness and justice evenly. He will make Kogi West the next Governor of Kogi State come 2024. 

God gives power to those who He has chosen and increases the strength to those who are weak physically and spiritually, He will answer our prayers in Kogi West come 2023.

We receive a great measure of God’s power that gives us strength to aspire victoriously over negative thoughts, negative utterances, doubts, unbelief, self defeatism, unprofitable and unessesary arguements and squabble

We will continually pray for the understand of our brothers and sister in the Central and Eastern Senatorial Districts of Kogi State to agree with the fact that none of the three legs upon which the state was founded, upon which it solidly stands be allowed to ache. 

As we move forward towards the eventual achievement of our aim with constant self assurance and positive confessions, we certainly will receive more of the fullness of His power and strength for the battles certainly will be fierce.

The fullness of God’s power will not only enables us to walk steadfastly and unrelenting,  but also energies us with grace to appeal to the hearing of Heavens our thirst and hunger for the mandate of the people of Kogi State, Central and East Senatorial Districts in particular with great boldness and conviction to be the next Governor. 

No doubt, the request will plunge us into a state of perpetual test, contentment and reassurance.There are days and time that weariness and fainting comes due to the fierceness of the battle, we will remain undaunted and refuse to faint. 

During these times, we need renewal for the inner man to be nurtured and fortified and not results to self discouragement, self defeatism and self condemnation. 

In all of the platforms that bears the people of Kogi West’s signature, we must constantly preach that our people fully understand the enormity of the struggle ahead of us and to henceforth shelf the self righteous principle of only me has the answer and only me has the solution to the question of how Kogi West will make it to Lugard House come 2024, togetherness and oneness of mind and spirit

We, as people must be ready to consistently wait on the Lord in fasting and prayers for the battle is of the Lord. It is in the secret place of vigorous prayer and meditation on God’s unfailing words that we feed the inner man to be constantly renewed, reminded and strengthened towards energising the spirit of the possibility of our aspiration.

Renewal of our faith, and belief that a Kogi West son/daughter will be the next Governor of Kogi State comes by our consistent waiting in the secret place of ceaseless prayer.

– Hon. Musa Bakare writes from Lokoja, Kogi state

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