Kogi Poll: Attack on SDP Secretariat a Lucid Sign of Political Debility – Natasha Campaign

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The Natasha Akpoti Campaign Organization has condemned the vandalization of the SDP campaign secretariat in Lokoja, Kogi state capital, by thugs allegedly working for APC.

A statement issued by the spokesman of the campaign organization, Joel Odaudu, said APC is cowardly using intimidation and violence to mask their impending loss at the polls.

“Our gubernatorial candidate, Barr. Natasha Akpoti officially began her campaign yesterday only for the APC to send thugs in numbers to the SDP secretariat to vandalize the building; they broke windows, tore down SDP posters and banners right at the secretariat to put up those of Yahaya Bello. 

“While the SDP try to revert the situation, the APC thugs in their numbers and heavily armed with AK47 rifles returned in the middle of the night to set the secretariat ablaze. Even the security forces that were alerted to the situation could not come near the building as the heavily armed APC thugs made it impossible for them. The secretariat is currently in a sorry state.

In point of fact, the sporadic attacks on the SDP state secretariat is not just a show of shame on the part of the perpetrators, but a lucid sign of weakness and political debility being shown by the All Progressives Congress (APC). 

“The act of intimidating, vandalizing and burning of houses is not politics but  sheer cowardice. The APC is cowardly using intimidation and violence to mask their impending loss at the polls. They know the Kogi people has rejected them and will vote them out so they resort to politics of violence.
It will not work. We stand firm as always. With the good people of Kogi state behind us, we will win at the polls and retire the incumbent governor Yahaya Bello back to Agassa his village this November.

“We appeal to all our teeming supporters and friends to please remain calm and law abiding. Nobody should engage in reprisal activities as the SDP is not a political party that promotes thuggery. We do not breed hoodlums as violence is not our style. The relevant authorities have been notified and the party will follow up to ensure justice is done,” the statement read.

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