Kogi PDP Conundrum: Uhuotu, the Principal Actor

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I will try as much as I can to apply brevity in this piece of mine, so as to allow for easy grasp.

Since the inception of Sam Uhuotu as Kogi state chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the party has constantly being bedeviled with unimaginable failure to win at the polls.

One would wonder what kind of leader will be happy with failure bringing to mind Jose Mourinho taunting of Arsene Wenger “Specialist in failure”.

Uhuotu for long has being the one fueling the crises between the two major leaders of the PDP in the State. His Excellencies, Alhaji Idris Ibrahim and Captain Idris Wada.

I say this because as a leader, when two of your strongest men are at differing opinions, it is your duty to settle their supposed irreconcilable difference. 

With Uhuotu, the supposed differences is a plus to him as it easily helps him to perpetuate his evil plot against Kogi Easterners.

From all indications, Engr Uhuotu is playing the GYB script to present a weak candidate against the preferred Bello’s candidate from the central.

His aim is to ensure the Central hold sway in the seat of governance in Kogi state beyond 2024.

I don’t want to sound perfect, but all the current plot to move the ticket from Kogi East is orchestrated by Uhuotu’s innate desire to see power retained in Kogi central. He submitted the manipulated list to satisfy that desire.


Dear aspirants from Kogi East under the PDP MUST as a matter of National Interest align their interest in the spirit of Inikpi oma Ufedo Baba to scuttle this grand plan against us.

If you aren’t seeing this, some of us are.

Like I said earlier, I just want to be very brief as much as I can. 

Do the needful NOW or we will hold you all responsible some day.

No sacrifices is too big for the land.

Ójokidènyó wané Ayègba.

– Amb Michael Achor Joshua writes from Lokoja.

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