Kogi Guber: Why We Should Support Engr Musa Wada’s Candidature

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Kogi State is on the march again. An election to decide who governs us for the next four years is just by the corner on 16 November.  As expected, the events have pushed us on the threshold of yet another but not critical decision making point due to the government inflicted hardship we have been experiencing over the years.

Without a blink of an eye the choice before the people appears like a simple one. The election should be more of a referendum on the rejection of a non performing government. But the task is not that simple to accomplish without the will of the people.

In essence, there is need for vital information, enlightenment, analysis and engagement, devoid of ethno-religious and political sentiment, emotion and prejudice, in the choice of our governor. Truth be told: for the survival of our present/future  we all need to wholly support Engr. Musa Wada candidacy.

Musa Wada  has the capacity and capability to drive both our economy and politics. Politics and economy move the world, hence, the need to raise the standard of living, purchasing power, youth employment rate and eradication of poverty, in the midst of plenty.

Engr. Musa Wada is well versed master strategist in politics and he will therefore, be able to engineer all other centrifugal facets within the ambit of democratic norms.

He is a business conscious tactician  that can harness both human and material resources for optimal performance, coupled with sound entrepreneurial experience he will be able to utilise a hundred Naira, on a business venture that will ultimately yield thousands of Naira and thousands yielding millions, billions and trillions of Naira, in a public/private sector driven economy, for overall developmental goals, the  above, therefore, go hand in hand with what he has exhibited in his private business life undertakings, the capability of being an employer of labour, especially among the teeming populace of  youths, with advanced technology.

Musa Wada is a detribalised Kogite whose socioeconomic, political network, background and connections, cut across the various ethno-religious–divide-components called Confluence state.

Musa Wada is very much passionate about our always asking questions.

Frankly speaking, there is a need for us to dwell practically in the choice of our next Governor  to at least try to catch up with the rest of the States beginning with our neighboring states that have gone far ahead of us because they did not allow primordial sentiments to determine their choice of leadership.  They go for quality, and quality they get in governance.

In the fast paced world we live in today, what we need is a Musa Wada as our Governor, he can create solutions, he will literally, squeeze water out of stone.

Musa Wada as our Governor will take responsibility for governance, he believes the buck stops on his table.

It is not just about saying I can do it.  Anyone, including an idiot, can claim he or she can do it. But it is about established record of performance, or what is called pedigree.

This is a very serious matter because almost 4.3 million  Kogites will be such a huge burden on nature if, this time around, we fail to get it right. 
We simply shall not, and cannot continue to see our people perishing by leaders we inked our fingers and voted for.

Kogi deserves  a Governor who will make Kogi attractive for all its citizens to see the need to remain here and develop it.

Musa Wada as our Governor will not seek for relevance but will rather earn relevance via his achievements.

He will listen to constructive criticism and transform it into a workable ideal for his citizens.

He will create a barricade against sychophancy. He will promptly pay civil servants their salary. Engr. Musa Wada is very prepared for governance. He sees governance as sacrifice.

Musa Wada will be an honest  public servant ,of a type that won’t want to become rich in politics. But,  will rather want to attain greatness and satisfaction by service.

In order to move Kogi forward, there is need to remove the impediment, often posed by the Ethno-religious sentimental nature of Kogi that often prevents the emergence of the right leaders, in a dysfunctional system.

It is, however, a very disheartening experience over the years, our electorate are often clouded by ethno-religious and political prejudice, emotion, sentiment, ignorance, misinformation and lack of information, in their voting behavioural patterns, instead of engaging their would-be candidates on intellectual plane of discussion, in order to know what the politicians have brought to the table for societal improvement and betterment of the people. Our society seems not to be knowledge driven and issue based on matters of societal interest. Hence, the trial and error, complaints, lamentations and dilemma always, after each miscalculated/misguided electoral decision/choice, galvanised to an average politician, whose personal interests have always been the overall guiding principle. Heaven really helps those who help themselves. The choice is definitely yours/mine/ours.

Let’s collectively Support Engr. Musa Wada to liberate our state from the claws of this scavengers, let’s  make a positive difference this time around with Musa Wada.

Thank you all.

– Comrade Johnson Musa
Member, PDP Governorship Campaign Council

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