Kogi Gov’ship: Time to Put an End to APC’s Abysmal Performance, GYB’s Third Term Agenda is Now

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As the countdown to the 11th November, 2023 Kogi State governorship election draws closer, the electorates have evolved a new chapter, reinvigorated energy and unassailable enthusiasm in the political journey to produce a brand new governor.

The reasons for these renewed hope in a NEW KOGI STATE of their dreams and aspirations are not far – fetched!

Over the past seven and half years or thereabout, the plight of an average Kogite have nosedived from bad to worse. Civil Servants, most especially, Local Government workers, Pensioners and Primary school teachers are the worst hit. The electorates are not also left out, because the burden ultimately, has a multiplier effect on them.

To put it mildly, it has been a pathetic tale of the more you look, the less you see! The more the Kogi State reading public and onlookers try to extrapolate what has gone amiss, the more they couldn’t come to terms with what governance now entails.

Simpliciter, good governance have been absent in Kogi State since Governor Yahaya Bello took over the reigns of affairs. It is, therefore, imperative to set the record straight that NO GOVERNOR, since the inception of Kogi State has enjoyed Federal presence and interventions- bailout funds, ecological initiatives, counterpart funding projects, Paris fund Interventions, Abacha loots largesse, unprecedented FAAC allocations etc like the GYB era.

If you may ask, what has the State and the good people of Kogi State benefitted from these humongous sums cumulatively netting hundreds of billions, it is absolutely nothing!

Rather, hunger, poverty, untimely deaths, non- existent infrastructural facilities, poor working condition and welfarism, non – available primary healthcare facilities, myopic leadership, impunity reigning supreme, multiple embarrassments and depression, wanton deaths, armed robbery and kidnappings, monumental corruption, denigration and stampeding opposition parties, daylight electoral heist, brazen mismanagement of our commonwealth, percentage salary payments and untold hardship is the order of the day! So worrisome & unfathomable.

On a positive note, Kogi State has an aggregate potentials, pedigree and possibilities in human, natural and material forms.

What is, however, lacking is the inimitable capacity, passion,originality, purpose – driven mindset and innovative ideas to give impetus to the target ascent – delivering enduring and endearing democracy dividends to the indigent majority of Kogites.

However, in Dino Melaye, a virile, viable and development driven candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Kogites should now be confident that Kogi State is in a safe and capable hand.

Over the past years, he has been the LONE RANGER crying out loud and clear the injustices meted out to Kogi workers without reprieve in sight! With his legislative acumen and administrative demeanor over time, he has the Midas touch to turn around the fortunes of the State to economic viability and sustenance.

Recently, he has vowed to tackle headlong the percentage salary payments which is now a recurring decima under GYB. With his international networking, the era of untapped numerous mineral resources shall be a thing of the past. As a ‘Street Guy’, Dino Melaye knows where the shoe pinches an average Kogites. He knows the basic fundamentals and economic workings of the State. He shall dot the i’s and cross the t’s where necessary if given the social mandate on November 11th.

That Dino Melaye is blunt, vocal and uncompromising stance on standards shall be a boost in massive road construction under his watchful eyes in the 21 LGA’s in the State. Our elderly & pensioners shall now breath a new life because their entitlements shall be PAID FULLY as at when due. The decadence and rot in the healthcare system is sickening and wickedly unthinkable. With Dino in the mantle of governance in Kogi State, our health care facilities shall have a new lease of life. It shall no longer be consulting clinics or warehouse to deposit dead bodies!

If by the special grace of God almighty, the good but highly deprived Kogi electorates vote en masse for their son, Dino Melaye in 2023, he will while strategizing and synergizing for more effective and sustainable ways of ameliorating the worrisome and quite embarrassing situation Kogites have found themselves, under the imperial lordship of GYB insist on palliative interventions with acceptable performance quotient ON THE LONG RUN.

For the records, he would offer no spasmodic plunge into our demands.

His adminstration will be centered on quality service delivery, economic empowerment, massive infrastructural development, unprecedented healthcare development, standard educational pursuit, workers welfarism shall be top-notch, appreciable policy formulation and implementations etc

A vote for Dino Melaye is an avenue to saving posterity from further debilitating decadence and avoidable mishaps.

– Onyekehi Ibrahim is an active resident of Okene.

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