Kogi Gov’ship: And the Big Masquerade Refused to Dance

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If loyalty was a person, his name would have been EDWARD DAVID ONOJA.

He is not righteous. Edward is not a Saint. One of his biggest crime is his unalloyed support ensuring the success of his boss.

By so doing, he stepped on big toes. He went extra miles to ensure the acceptability of Yahaya Bello’s administration – by force or choice – at the same time accumulating battalions of futuristic enemies for himself and the New Direction Government.

Everybody cannot admire you. Take it or leave it, Edward is celebrated in some quarters as a mentor and benefactor to many Kogites across boards till date.

In fairness to CEDO, he was overambitious.  His ambition wasn’t a crime but it is difficult to hurt a particular set of people yet feel you can govern them without seeking forgiveness.

For those who feel he was betrayed by Bello, I beg to disagree. Bello recognized his loyalty and rewarded him. First, as a Chief of Staff and later as a Deputy Governor. These appointments seem not to be enough because just like Oliver Twist, he was asking for more. Nevertheless, his contributions to the emergence of Bello (first and second tenure) was absolutely recognized.

Edward preached the doctrines of EBIGO and ENEOMUNEME in the nook and corners of Ane’Igala with full pledge of loyalty to his boss. However, when it was the turn of GYB to scratch his back, Adoza didn’t stop at Edward. Bello ensured he served the entire Igala kingdom a haphazardly prepared breakfast and told us to ‘YANKURI’. It is not about Edward. Why is Bello playing the dullest card of ethnic politics and it is more harmful with the clueless adoption of an unpopular candidate?

If I must borrow the lines of the critics of Yahaya Bello’s decision then it is noteworthy to buttress the fact that Yahaya Bello is fighting the Igala Nation. He didn’t betray Edward.

Will I blame him?

Bello is patriotic to the peace, love and development of Ane’Ebira. He is not even distracted by the recent hullabaloos of the real betrayers chanting “Bello is a betrayer”. Alas, he taught the Igala Nation how to be committed to the trajectory yearnings of Kogi East because he is not owing us shi-shi.

In memorial of all the “ta-ta-ta” recorded in Ane’Igala; the gruesome murder of Mummy Acheju at Ochadamu, the killing of a poor undergraduate who paid the supreme price in his quest to exercise his civic right in Anyigba, thousands of internally displaced persons of Bagana extraction and numerous atrocities witnessed in Ane’Igala during the reign of the Confluence Siamese Twin Brothers, I strongly advise Edward Onoja to apologize to the Igala race before it is too late.

It is biblical: pride comet before a fall. Again, the gods are not smiling. Abomi Igala, Edward is not our major problem. Perhaps we all feel he is one of our problems because he is still in power.  If the lip is not compressed, it can’t whistle; we need to be united to navigate the Confluence of Unlimited Opportunities.

I wish Edward Onoja the best in his future political endeavor. This is not the end of his political career but in earnest he has learnt his lessons the bitter way with the recent development.

Above all, may God take the lead.

– Ajogwu Jerry Ochada, a journalist, writes from Ane Igala.

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