Gov’ship Race: Action Alliance’s Aspirant, Olayinka Braimoh Will Make Kogi Great

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Olayinka Braimoh, a politician, an entrepreneur, business man and Kogi state governorship aspirant on the platform of Action Alliance (AA), is a successful international business man who has carved a unique niche for himself as a young man who has struggled so hard to succeed in the business world.

Kogi state indigenes have not been too lucky in terms of leadership and good governance. Past and present administration of governance in Lugard House failed on every facet of state developments,  infrastructures, economy and unpaid workers salaries and pensions. 

Kogi state is one of the poorest states in Nigeria despite the numerous mineral resources – largest cement factory in Africa (Dangote), confluence river etc. The state had been indebted to the tune of #59.15 billion naira according to the 2021 statistics of Debt Management Office (DMO). This is a state where workers salaries and pensioners are not paid.

Kogi state needs a new crop of young, vibrant and very dynamic, very intellectual governor who understands economic indices, economic growth and developments. Someone who identifies words of wisdom, a listener to assuage the economic hardship inflicted on the people of the state by past and present administrations. 

Olayinka Braimoh, the CEO of Hall 7 Real Estate Ltd, can be described an astute business mogul, a consummate politician, a bridge builder and above all a servant of the people will serve Kogi state better than the past and present administrations.

He has gone through many challenges in life like every other mortal.

However, despite all odds, his a achievements thus far can be traced to his personal attributes and philosophy of life, which anchored on humility, selflessness, fairness and generosity.

He has build investments, managed resources successfully and has created jobs for so many Nigerians without owing workers any kobo till date.

It can be said without any equivocation that good governance has remained critical a challenge to the people of Kogi state since its creation on the 27th August 1991, 32 years ago.

OLAYINKA BRAIMOH, has all the requisite qualifications, experience, passion, courage and the vision to move Kogi state away from a pariah state to an enviable height.

Kogi needs a disciplined, accountable and transparent Governor this time.

He will create jobs by creating an enabling environments for foreign investors to invests in Kogi state. He will generate wealth for the state by repositioning agriculture, small and medium scale enterprises. He will restructure education and human capacity developments. If given the opportunity to do so.

Competence is all it takes to succeed as a Governor.

He has the competence, determination and fearlessness it takes to make Kogi state among top 5 successful states in Nigeria.

– Kayode Felix Ariyo.

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