Kogi East 2019: Aidoko’s Re-election, A Persisting Hypocrisy

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Sequel to vaunt articles refitting Aidoko’s re-election message to Kogi youths, the following facts had become exigent to be addressed.

No doubt, everyone is entitled to constitutional offerings to contest for an elective position as many times as possible.
That in a Democratic society, the law also exists cheek by jowl with people’s hankering. Therefore, it’s untenanted and unintelligible to hide under constitutional supremacy to deny the people access to qualitative representation in leadership domain.
That in some professional perspicacity, quests for power, money and respect triggered our inactions of hauling what we obviously do not need, actions we cannot claim responsibility for, pledging what we do not have perhaps, sacrificing collective desire for self-conceits
That the youths also reserve unflinching respects for you, and have come to term with the titular honor of statesmanship in the affairs of the zone been conferred on you if you can relinquish and reaffirm with their perspectives.
As societal continuity, the youths cannot fold their hand and watch egomania and purblind concerns thrive to the detriment of economic and political will
Hence, we urge you in placation to take a bow from legislative business.
Your years in the Legislative chambers could not account for a palpable impact both on the legislation and infrastructures.
We feel sheepish having discovered that eleven years of non stop Constituency development allowances could only provide 15 transformer and 20 boreholes for our constituency.
That, legal scuffle on which you now leverage as impediment to your legislative oeuvre isn’t only a justification of where our constituency allocations manifested, it portrays a high leveled incompetency as your counterpart from Kogi west also have similar and more grievous cases yet, never fail his people as the zone is littered with commissioned/on going projects as well as numerous bills and motions to his credit.
Integrity they say is lived and exhibited, but for your handlers, it’s mouthed. They are enraptured by the routine financial inducement. Hence, could not tell you the fact that you needed to prove your competency with those constituency allowances amidst legal qualms.
Charity they say begins at home. Sir you are not familiar with such saying as Ugbamaka Igah, your ancestral home counts their lose daily for trusting you for their indispensable needs.
Sir, you hoard SDG’s equipment/items avowedly meant for empowering members of your constituency for your electioneering campaign even when the monthly pay running into billions of Naira can actually afford them for each member of your constituency.
Sir, it’s on public domain that once you are elected you will recline and would not be seen in your community until election is around the corner. These among others are not far fetched from why Ugbamaka’s consent is missing from your third term endorsement.
Without mincing words sir, we are amused/ novice of your definition of Constituency developmental interest perhaps political representation when you are persistent with legal squabbles as your sure means to remain in power. Remember, Isaac Alfa was not the first candidate you took up such fight with, but for the interest of the Constituency which supersede all, the former relinquished despite carrying the people’s mandate. Hence, it’s in that direction  have urge you to stop the uncanny alliance with PDP’s rank and file for automatic ticket.
Sir, your paid writers are fond of intimidating members of our constituency with fallacious endorsement claims. For instance, it was reported in the media that Imane and some other communities around Ogugu had endorsed you for third term. However, findings revealed these claims were lies sponsored from the pit of hell as such claims have been denied by the people on several occasion.
Finally, if your so called achievement are genuine, why then do you go about soliciting for automatic when it has the capacity of garnering PVCs for your third term bids? You are bent on tarnishing the image of other aspirants with some myopic notions that they are coming to help recover their bank loans from the state government. Sir, does a dabbler needs formal education to discern this pathological lies?
It is appalling that despite your poor background, you are not conversant with the saying ‘cui multum datum est multum sperandum’ which is simply translated – To whom much is given much is expected. Your political ambition is a clear definition of me, myself and I syndrome that had berated our developmental prospects.
With the so called transformers and boreholes as your campaign mantra, we wish to state categorically that you are no longer conversant with socioeconomic and political challenges of the people.
Consequently, the youths are in dire need of a candidate whose legislative representation would compel a new dawn on our collective struggles. A candidate with the century’s economic and political knowledge to projects Kogi East towards the desired political fortunes. A candidate with peoples’ aspiration, who will sign a social contracts that allow the people to dictate for what they want. A candidate whose mandate is rooted in our social priorities. A candidate that would project Kogi easterners toward self reliance via economic and financial stability, social and psychological independent. Above all, a candidate whose legislative representation would be in cognizant with bills and motions that will eventual bring to the fore, the lucrativeness of our natural resources in national development.
– John Paul

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