Kogi Chief Judge Orders Investigation Into Mental Health of Inmate Who Killed Parents, Nurse

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The Chief Judge of Kogi State, Justice Josiah Majebi, has ordered immediate investigation of the mental state of an inmate, Mustapha Shuaibu, who was alleged to have gone insane while in custody at the medium custodial centre, Okene.

Justice Majebi gave the order while reviewing the cases of the 27 inmates at the centre on Tuesday.

He said necessary action must be enforced immediately.

The Chief Judge informed the State Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Badama Kadiri to write for approval to the office of the CJ to carry out tests to figure out the true health status of the inmate, Shuaibu.

He said the situation is complex because they have to figure out where to send the inmate before his condition deteriorates, since he already murdered those who could take care of him, no family member would be ready to take him back.

The inmate killed his father, mother and a nurse who was taking care of him then subsequently, he got arrested and charged with murder before Obangede magistrate court.

While explaining the strange behaviour of Mustapha Shaibu, Senior Magistrate, Aisha Audu told the Chief Judge that the suspect intimidates everyone in court during sittings and also threatened to deal with the judge who put him in prison.

The Magistrate said the suspect is a threat to her life, a threat to the court and a great threat to the society at large.

The officer in charge of Medium Custodial Centre, Okene, Assistant Controller of Corrections, O.E Audu had earlier called the attention of the Chief Judge to Shaibu’s situation and appealed that the judiciary looks into the cases of inmates with mental health challenges.

Audu said there is a particular inmate (Mustapha Shaibu), Case No. CMOB/11c/2021 standing trial before the Magistrate Court, Obanegede, for a charge bordering on culpable homicide.

He admitted that the inmate has mental health challenges and his condition is deteriorating day by day.

Audu claimed that the inmate has resorted to violence. Sometimes he behaves irrationally even in the dock.

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