Kogi 2019: Capt Idris Wada, The Man Who The PDP Ticket Fits Best

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Come September 2019, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Kogi State will be holding its primary election to get for itself a flag-bearer ahead of the forthcoming Kogi State governorship election slated for November.

A handful of names are out there, many more may still join the race for the highly coveted Lugard House in the days ahead.

While Kogi State has not been in the news for any but the wrong reasons since Governor Yahaya Bello of the APC assumed office back in 2016. As a PDP supporter it is needful that I bring to mind the need to focus now more on in-house politics first. What else, aside the much-awaited Kogi PDP governorship primary election?

The fact is, all that have declared interest for the PDP ticket so far are all good materials. They are leaders. Their individual capacities are not under doubt by this article, but then the fact is; Kogi State is seriously on its kneels right now, in need of serious undoubtable rescue from misgovernance and all that can be defined as nothing good aside moving a State towards a wrong direction for an accumulating four years since January 2016.

We will not shy away from the truth that Mr Governor has by his policies, actions and inactions; done enough damage to even the psychology of little babies born just yesterday in Kogi State, but we will be bold enough to present from among the PDP in Kogi State the right man to restore the State’s lost glory and get the State working again.

Who else can do it at this critical time if not immediate-past Governor of Kogi State, Captain Idris Wada?

The needing-pity extreme low-point Kogi State is right now will not be fit for any first-timer at all. It is best to leave the State for somebody who has been there before and as such, knows the “in and out” of the governmental possibilities and impossibilities, to come and fix within just 4 years.

With the way Kogi is heading now, if a first-timer is given the chance to be on the PDP ballot, he or she may likely fail even at the general campaign stage as the State is in dire need of doable promises only.

The workers want their salaries paid. They need a PDP candidate that can explain practically how he or she is going to do it, if voted into office in November.

I commend the number of aspirants seeking for the PDP ticket to run for the office of the Governor of Kogi State, but let us put “try-your-luck” aside and let us look at the pity-state of the State first and let us allow a candidate who has the practical manual off-hand, of governance already; to get on the PDP ballot and let the Party in the State go into the general elections with practical applicable sure promises.

Anything less than “tested” in terms of ever being at the Government House  before, should be rejected without a second thought, in terms of the Kogi PDP ticket under contest. For any PDP “tested” is to the average Kogite a “tested and trusted” compared to whoever the APC may bring forward.
Kogites are not in the good or “manageable” mood to cast their votes for anybody wanting to go into Government House to go and try his or her luck.

Kogites need practical solution to the damage the current APC has put them through and is unrepentantly putting them through still as if a game than a reality of human relations.

This is year 2019, this is not year 2015; this is not a time to use Kogi State or the affairs of the people of Kogi State for any form of experiment at all. Kogi needs solution and not “politics as usual”.

I believe in Captain Idris Wada. I believe he is the right man for the PDP ticket in Kogi State ahead of November poll. I believe the delegates know what is at stake as well and I believe they will get it right by handing the PDP ticket to the man who has been there before to go back to the people and seek their votes with all social confidence, to get back into Lugard House and pay their salaries and pensions, and return the State generally to a path of development. There is more to be done to uplift the people and psychology of Kogi State at this point of the State’s existence; but sure, there is no less to be done by any next Governor of Kogi State.

A PDP stakeholder’s/delegate’s support for Captain Idris Wada is a support for a PDP candidate that will bring victory to the PDP during the November Kogi Governorship election.

– Issa Itopa Lucky, a PDP supporter and socio-political analyst, writes from Lokoja, Kogi State.

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