June 12: In Desperate Times Like This Kogi Need Mohammed Ali

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“To live is to choose. But to choose well you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there” — Kofi Annan.

June 12 tells a story that needs to be retold. A story of ugliness. An ugliness of wringed mandate and repressed freedom. Today’s June Twelve we arrived here to acknowledge those heroes who free us and gave us the right to choose well.

While freeing us they, lofty souls, paid dearly, some at the cost of their lives and others at the cost of their freedom. These individuals choose well, to live they fell. Been fallen they borne our democracy. Labor of our heroes past shall never be in vein.

Yet our democracy is nothing if there remained a section of our sovereignty that freedom is in shackles and people’s mandate abused. Then together we must arise to fix every anomaly bewitching democracy to withhold its dividends. The people’s confidence must be restored, their dignity must be returned and their hope must be let loose to soar high. In a democracy people must have the right to be proud and must be proud to have their rights. Hence Nigerians, and most especially Kogites, looks forward to the rescheduled democracy day with excitement of hushed anticipation for true spirit and values of democracy.

In a desperate time like this, Kogi is in need of hushing like Muhammad Ali.

Happy Democracy!

– Comrade Abu Banatu

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