Ijumu House of Assembly Race; Manifesto of Shuaib Ipinmisho

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My Mission

My mission in politics is to join efforts towards uplifting the lives of our people. To achieve this goal and with God on my side, I shall make the following my top priorities if elected the member to represent Ijumu constituency in the Kogi State House of Assembly come 2019.

My Campaign Priorities

Being a graduate of Political Science and having been a key player in partisan politics for close to two decades, I have seen and learnt a lot in the murky waters of Nigeria politics. In Kogi State, I have been actively involved in the democratic process towards engendering positive social and economic development to our people.


No meaningful development can take place in the absence of a healthy populace. If elected as a legislator to represent Ijumu constituency on march 2nd 2019, I shall use my office to lobby the state government to build more cottage hospitals in my constituency. My priority will not just be to ensure the provision of cottage hospitals but also to ensure that they are equipped with the best staff and equipments. I am familiar with the untold hardship many of the communities in our constituency are suffering today due to inadequate health facilities within their localities. I shall therefore give primary health care the attention it deserves if elected.


Education is the main industry of our people. Development across the globe revolves around good education. In recent times the economic down turn has negatively affected the education of our children. In spite of this development we cannot afford to fold our arms and allow our generation to lie waste. I will give the education of the children of my constituency the quality attention it deserves. I shall always be a visitor to the state Ministry of Education  and the government in power to ensure that my constituency is not denied its share of the right of educational programmed and projects.


Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy of our constituency with over 80 percent of our people engaged in it for their sustenance. In spite of their involvement in agriculture, access to farming inputs like tractors, herbicides and fertilizer have over the year remain a mirage.

I was born in Ogidi and I am always at home and had seen the plights of our farmers. If elected by the grace of God, I shall use my position to lobby and source for agriculture inputs from the private and public sector. I shall also lobby to ensure that the state government subsidizes farming inputs in the state.

I strongly believe that by such efforts, our local farmers will be encouraged  to invest more in agriculture while the school leavers and applicants roaming our streets would be encouraged to take interest in venturing into agriculture.

Youth/Women Empowerment

It is often said that youths are the leaders of tomorrow while women are the sustainer of the nation. No nation toys with the welfare of her youths and women because their critical role as the fulcrum of any meaningful development process.

It is my sincere promise that if elected as a member to represent Ijumu constituency, I shall give attention to the welfare of the youths and women of my constituency.

By the grace of God, I shall lobby for the creation of skill acquisition centers for the youths and women of my constituency. In my continued sojourn in politics, I have always believed that when these groups of people are empowered vices in our communities would be reduced to the barest minimum. I shall therefore give priority attention to our teeming youths and women of our great constituency if elected.

Water and Electricity Supply

The health of our people is much dependent on their source of clean water and good electricity supply. Most of the diseases that afflict our people across the country are traceable to lack of access to portable water.
Most of boreholes provided by the previous government in our various communities have broken down. If elected as the member to represent Ijumu constituency, I shall lobby the state Ministry of Water Resources and Rural Development to ensure the provision of water and electricity in our constituency.

Culture Rejuvenation

The Okun people are known worldwide for the high respect they accord to their God given culture. Our culture is very rich and it has attracted interest from tourists across the globe. If well harnessed, our culture is capable of generating employment, improving our socio-economic well being and enhancing peace in our various communities.

Luckily, there is no Okun cultural festival in which I have not participated. I am an ardent lover of the celebration of our rich cultural heritage, if elected, I shall use my office to further upscale the development of our culture such that it could become a major revenue for our constituency.

Constituency Participation in Governance

In successive elections in Nigeria, our constituency has continued to participate actively. The time and resources expanded by our people during elections are enormous.

The energy deployed by our people during elections must not be a waste. Bearing this in mind, I will map out strategies to ensure that the electorates of my constituency get into positions of authority both at the civil service and political level.

By the grace of God, if elected it is my promise to also extend my tentacles to Federal MDAs to ensure that the people of my constituency gain employment.The unemployment rate in our constituency is high. It is therefore my desire to do my utmost best and lobby for employment opportunities for our people if elected into office come march 2nd 2019.


I will encourage sports as entertainment and professional activities for life improvement and enjoyment.It is my desire to harness effectively the enormous potential of the sports industry and create incentives for interested youths to participate and excel in sporting activities.This efforts will encourage the vibrant youths of my constituency at relevant levels. This can be achieved by improving inter-school sports and by entrenching inter community sporting activities among various communities in Ijumu.


My fellow Ijumu constituents, we have come a long way since the return of democracy in our nation. Past representatives of our great constituency have contributed their quota to the development of our people.

I humbly appreciate the general contributions of our leaders and politicians who have held one position or the other and have thus enhanced the development of our great constituency.

The development of our constituency should always be seen as our collective responsibility. No one has the singular wisdom or resources to take our constituency to the promise land. The beauty of democracy hangs on its tenets of accommodating divergent views for sustainable development in the society. We must therefore make use of every democratic opportunity to elect a credible representatives who are capable of representing the interest of the  masses of our people.

As we approach the 2019 general elections, I humbly present myself as an aspirant to represent the good people of Ijumu Constituency at Kogi State House Of Assembly. My desire is to work for the good of our and promote its socioeconomic development.

I sincerely appeal to the delegates of our great party, the respected electorates of our revered constituency, the teaming civil and political leaders of our constituency to consider me for the position of the Kogi State House of Assembly For Ijumu Constituency.

I promise to represent you well. God bless you all.

– Otunba Shuaib Ilesanmi Ipinmisho
Kogi State House of Assembly Candidate, Ijumu State Constituency

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