Igala Agenda Without Strategy…

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We have Igala Agenda with everybody coming out to contest for Kogi State Governor from Kogi East. Even those that cannot manage a community. We are after Igala Agenda with over 30 Igalas contesting for Governor, knowing that after the primaries, most aggrieved parties might end up aligning with Gov Yahaya Bello.

The reality on ground is that with this huge numbers of Igala aspirants, Igala will divide their votes. Gov Yahaya Bello only need a block vote from Central and chunks from West and East. You and I know GYB will get more votes from the Igala areas more than some of our Igala aspirants.

Olamaboro will vote for  Gov Bello. Part of Ankpa will vote for him. Part of Dekina is for Gov Yahaya Bello. These are votes he will get confidently.

The millions spent by some of our brothers and sisters buying governorship forms in the name of Igala ranging to above 100 millions of naira – all for the sake of Igala Agenda knowing the fact that some of them can’t win a ward councillor election. These huge sum spent on nomination forms can play a significant role in developing Igala land or can be used to empower many Igala youths.

We can’t be deceived all in the name of Igala agenda, as we all know that most of this aspirants are after their selfish interest.

Before you ask for our support using Igala Agenda, show us your level of contribution, supports or commitment to the development of igala land. We can’t be fooled.

– Robert Arome Oma Eboh
Ofanwa-Okpo, Olamaboro.

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