Amade Edime: A Disgrace of a Tribesman

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I did not initially want to jump into an unhealthy conclusion as to what Mr Amade Edime spoke on Channels Television. I needed time to watch the clips again and situate his defence for Governor Yahaya Bello’s capability on the TV.

He projected himself an aspirant to Seun Okinbaloye, but he ended up speaking as a slave for Bello.

On one hand, Amade should have admitted that he was going to the TV station a Bello’s spokesperson. That would have saved his face from the ignominious critical public. I was moved with pity rather than imprecation for Amade and his new errand-boy job. A man, full of functional balls and cock, has no shame, stand and no personal dignity. I am particularly moved not because he supports Bello, but because he is an Igala man, and from my mother’s local government. 

It is pathetic how Amade fell from the pedestal of glorious dignity to the abyss of shameless defence and praise-singing for Bello. It is unwholesome how Amade fell from the lofty status of a party man he held so dear and into acting as an errand boy for a political neophyte like Bello.

Whether the fear of poverty or hunger was his reason to have degenerated to a yes-man for Bello, his father’s sterling reputation is suffering a foolish venture of a prodigal son. Amade is a shame of a family man.

To denigrate and humiliate the sacred truth of power lines and electrification of Kogi East and attributing the glory to Bello who scarcely has a generator set to use in his own home speaks volumes of Amade’s prodigal, slavish stance. I am ashamed to call him an Igala man, a tribe of people that eschew shame, reproach and humiliation.

He can speak good of Bello and make him an unconquerable demigod, the reality in the days ahead will rubbish both Edime and his deity, Bello.

– Odih Daniel Nuhu
Lokoja, Kogi State.

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