Hon. Abdulraheem Sanni Egidi: Facts and Fables

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Hon Abdulraheem Sanni Egidi, President S.E.A Foundation, and permanent secretary, Kogi state ministry of local government and chieftaincy affairs, is a man with a reckonable but humility-defined presence in the ministry.

A golden man of the city of Lokoja and a quiet, gentle permanent secretary, Hon Sanni Abdulraheem, in spite of himself, like the proverbial golden fish, cannot be hidden. You either know him or know of him.

In a manner of speaking, his reputation, whether as facts or fiction, has preceded him. His foray into politic marks a turning point in his life. It was, indeed, the beginning of his exposure to the world outside the pitch of his civil service career and society.

At this juncture lies Abdulraheem most daunting challenge. He is obliged to reconcile his ideals, principle and simple, happy-go-lucky outlook of life with the demands of the tough, rugged and ruthless turf of politics.

A genial and refined man, he is believed incapable of the under-hard tricks that make politicians thrive. Indeed, his intransigent, uncompromising and dogged tenancy in holding into his convictions any matter of interest is such that would put him in contrast with majority of people who would rather capitulate and get the carrot.

Another matter that spells dilemma for the new -comer politician is the fact that the constituency represent is infamously acclaimed as a notorious arena for confrontational, volatile and intrigue-filled politicking.

Such was the trepidation or awe that greeted Abdulraheem entry into politics few months ago, Nonetheless, he came on the scene exuding wisdom, energy and determination and proved that a lot can be achieve through pragmatism and passion for performance.

A high minded individual  Abdulraheem, believe in dispensing to meet the most desperate need and aspiration of the majority of his constituents. It is a new socio-political order. It stands to history and facts of experience that no other personality of his accomplished more in term of philanthropy activities deliver in Ajaokuta federal constituency than Abdulraheem.

You may call him a maverick but I say he is an unsung hero who is so because he knows not how to blow his own trumpet. Permanent secretary Like Abdulraheem with his people-minded and responsible generosity are legion with  the ubiquitous presence of mechanized boreholes in all the ward of the constituency as his response to the acute shortage of portable water in the area. Street lighting in some of the communities in Ajaokuta L.G.A to meet the need of the people.

He is also to be given credit for effort in road rehabilitation and maintenance. Abdulraheem, through advocacy, is fostering in our youth the desirable social and political attitude. He is currently considering a proposal for the rehabilitation of schools and classroom across the constituency.

Abdulraheem is a very humble and accommodating man who respect every body self-esteem. He is famous for community relief and house hold aids. He has helped many youth in his constituency to secure employment in effort to tame the high and rising incidence of unemployment.

Abdulraheem, with a slow pace is definitely climbing step hills. He is competent and the most qualified to represent the good people of the Ajaokuta Federal constituency come 2023 the people of Ajaokuta have benefited from his generosity and patronage.

He is a material and we strongly believe the people of Ajaokuta will not regret supporting him to become their representative, considering his philanthropic and youth empowerment programme which cuts across the whole state, the leadership qualities of Abdulraheem was fully recognized by all the good people of the state. He has established himself as a disciplined, focused and consummate politician who can manage people and resources effectively.

Besides, he has employed hundreds of youths to earn a living through his ministry And above all he has a foundation solely meant to assist women, particularly widows and indigent students to further their education.

As we speak, hundreds of Nigerians not his constituents alone are benefitting from his scholarship scheme in various universities across the country and beyond. I strongly believe that Hon Sanni Abdulraheem unique selling point is his accessibility, humility and generosity. His cognate experience in the public sector particularly in the ministry of local government and chieftaincy affairs has enabled him to traverse the globe and opening vista of network and opportunities which if eventually elected to the house of representative, the entire people of Ajaokuta Federal constituency would benefit tremendously.

Abdulraheem is well versed  experience in managerial and leadership skills, and he can fit into any position of leadership considering his qualifications educationally and administratively.

– Musa Wada writes from Abuja.

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