Gov Bello Is Too Dumb To Comprehend Easily, He Deserves More Advisers To Sink Through His Lion Heart – Eleta

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Governor Bello is too dumb and due to his dumbness, he deserves as many advisers as hecan get. Why must it always be my dear state? Why do Kogi State chose to be the country’s official laughing bag? Kogi State is blessed with hundreds of professors and scholars, which spread across the three Senatorial Districts. Yet, we are been lead by an imposter. An administration building up blockages instead of bridges.

Kogi State now comfortably hold the position of one of the states with the highest number of advisers. The state currently bank-run 25 advisers, after the state House of Assembly recently approved four advisers for our dumb governor. This skyrocket the ever increasing list from 21 to 25. The question is: why does the governor requires so many advisers? His young, energetic, he claims to be intellectually inclined, he even boasted to be better than his counterpart, Akinwumi Ambode of Lagos (we can hardly forget the famous quote: “Kogi State to overtake Lagos in terms of developments.”). If he is truly all this, why is he still so dumb? The 25 advisers so appointed, will be given fat benefits; these benefits are tax payers money. These benefits are not in anyway beneficial to the masses, not even a penny.

Please, let this message be clear. Am not attacking the 25 lucky individuals who are fortunate enough to be assisting our dumb governor. Your fruits are ripe and it’s nobody’s fault but Gov. Bello’s, for displaying how incapacitated he is. In fact, I will like to congratulate the newly appointed Advisers, on their appointments. You are currently getting your own share and you are lucky enough to have escaped the tyranny system of governance, the current administration portrait. If you are in this administration, you are safe. If you are not, be ready to get fried. Without missing words we all know, this was why the famous Sen. Smart  Adeyemi defected to the ruling party. I mean, the old man needs to save his head.

We have Commissioners; what are their duties? We have Personal Assistants; what are their duties? Most importantly, we have the APC Chairman and his cohorts; these are the people who are supposed to do everything possible to keep Bello in check. But sadly they can’t. This is because, Gov. Bello is too wild for them to tame and this is a scenario theynever anticipated, when they were robbing James Faleke of his rightful position, even down to the tribunal and beyond. But, karma dishes them a heavy blow.

Dear Governor Yahaya Bello, I hope with these 25 Advisers, you will henceforth display a high level of maturity and portraits good governance attributes. Because it’s obvious that the 21 Advisers whispering to your ears on a daily basis are not enough to sink through the wild Lion of Kogi State (as your followers fondly praise you). Good luck with squandering the tax payers money on seeking for advice. Long live the Executive Governor of Kogi State (Till 2020 before removal).


– Kelvin Oluseyi Eleta is a Career Consultant, Speaker, Political Analyst, Event Host, and Co-founder of HopeDoseConsultancy.

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