Gov Yahaya Bello is Clueless on Immediate Kogi Challenges – Austin Usman Okai

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Governor Bello, you have a misplaced priority and clueless on the immediate Kogi challenges.
I have never seen where a man rubbed his body cream before going to bathroom for shower, neither is it possible for a lady to make-up before taking her bath. Rather it all comes after taking one’s bath.
It is no longer news to everyone that Kogi State Governor has spent 30days in office and has taken some many terrible, horrible and bad decisions. Every week he goes from one problem to the other and the state is in the world wide news for very bad reasons. From sacking top civil servants rudely to direct involvements in the state House of Assembly matters where he vowed to imposed his stooge as the Kogi State House Speaker. Thanks to the resilient spirit of Jimoh Momoh and his team who defeated the kangaroo impeachment against all odds.
The young governor is busy scheming people out under the guise of screening, indirectly scrapping local government service commission and working illegally contrary to the laws establishing SUBEB. Something is definitely wrong with our Governor! He looks so confused and acts like one.
My Governor has gone clueless and it is either he has a wrong crops of Advisers or he doesn’t listen to them. I wonder the reason why he is acting like a cowboy is because he did not interface with electorates one on one? Is that why he does not know the need of Kogites? How do you build roundabout in a town that is crying for good road? How do you give a state capital a face-lift without drainage and good erosion control system?
The demolished roundabouts that was carried out over night is not ordinary. Though the Governor denied it has nothing to do with spiritual activities, one cannot but wonder why he chose midnight for the demolition project. My Governor has gone clueless, yes he has. There is an ongoing drainage system and embankments of Rivers Niger by the previous government, what is stopping Bello from completing that project, knowing fully well that government is a continuous process?
“Common sense should be able to communicate to the handlers of the Governor that good drainage system, good Township road and by pass, is the first point of contact of any good looking town, the demolished round about was never in bad shape and is not the immediate needs of Kogi state now. Whoever submitted that proposal is a wicked man, whoever convinced the Governor to give approval to that project is an enemy of the masses. What is the status of these roads? Does it makes any sense building new roundabouts when the roads are either in bad shape or the entire city is not even properly planned? Do we have proper drainage systems on these roads? What do we stand to benefit from beautiful roundabouts when the entire city is dirty and lacks basic infrastructures?
Yes the Governor has carried out the demolition over night, but is obvious the Governor should identify the immediate needs of Kogi state now.
Governor, so far, you have done badly.
– Usman Okai Austin

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