Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello; The Right Man at The Right Time

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Engineer Joseph Asuku Bello (JAB) is the answer to our quest for a more developed Adavi and Okehi. He has precise answers to these questions which have continually begged for answers over the years.

Where are we going?  How are we going to get there? What is the role of the leader?

In moving forward, we must identify Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello’s defining characteristics: His ability to solve problems and create results, His outstanding leadership disposition and unwavering commitment for a better developed society is unstoppable.

Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello has diligently studied and analyzed the underlying factors responsible for our plights; Where we are today is as a result of our yesterday’s decisions.

Here, men think more about themselves rather than meeting the needs of the people and the society. What are their thoughts towards the ideal of the struggle for development? Whatever that formed the basis of  our untiring quest for development can only be achieved with an extraordinary spirit of self-sacrifice to promote love and unity. While climbing the political ladder, through selfless services, Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello has always remembered to identify critical areas where improvement is always required.

There is the urgent need for us to collectively redefine strategies, approaches and mode of engagement to maximize the gains of the struggle for a better Adavi and Okehi. New bridges have to be built to urgently bring down the walls created by ignorance, greed and selfishness.

We will search for knowledge, wisdom and understanding to take us out to the light that is eminent in the very fabric of our quest for a better future.

Mental development is a must for all. For a purposeful leadership, we will pay the prize of selflessness and continually engage in training and retraining of leaders to improve our mode of engagement for the task ahead.

Do not be deceived by any sentiment or propaganda they share around. A man’s maturity is measured by his approach to challenges and where and how he stands in times of discomfort. Be wise to guide your true state of mind to make the right decision to change the phase of Adavi/Okehi constituency, for a purposeful leadership with acute unity and love.

Andayi nini!! Engr. Joseph Asuku Bello is the answer to the many questions begging for answers. Vote wisely and never allow sentiment envelop your sense of objectivity.

– Comrade Sunday Ohida

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