Electoral Bill: Buhari Must Not Disappoint Nigerians – Dr. Bebeyi Advises

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A development expert and social critic, Dr Shae Bebeyi, has joined prominent groups in the country to condemn the refusal of president Muhammad Buhari to assent to the harmonised electoral bill, urging the president not to disappoint Nigerians.

Dr Bebeyi said the whole process of the electoral bill which started in 2010 at the National Assembly would have been a huge waste of time and resources if the president does not put his final assent to the bill which he said was as a result of a comprehensive consultations with all stakeholders in the country.

Recall that the president recently refused to give assent to the electoral bill and returned it back to the National Assembly for re amendment citing especially the huge cost of operating the direct primary system and other issues in the bill.

But Dr Bebeyi urged the president to still take a cursory look at the issue of direct primary which would finally put an end to the imposition of candidates orchestrated by the over bearing of state governors which he said are bent in pocketing all elective positions in their states.

He, therefore, urged members of the National Assembly to insist on the direct primary and other popular clauses in the Bill for the overall interest of the country.

Bebeyi, who is the chairman board of trustees Chartered Institute of Development and Social Studies, asked that “with the rejection or refusal of the President, what happens to ‘citizen top priorities’ on the Electoral Bill Amendment, including the use of technology, that addressed the Electoral Bill 2021?

“And what happens to the amended clauses to provide for direct primaries for aspirations to all elective positions ?

“The President promised on several occasions that he would sign the Electoral Amendment Bill sent to him by the National Assembly, he promised, he would accord INEC all that they need to ensure the conduct of free, fair and credible elections in the next elections,

“The President can therefore not afford to disappoint the majority of Nigerians and the National Assembly over this. I am very sure, the president is aware that the Electoral Bill is the most reform -minded legislation for the most important part of our democratic journey since the year 1999.

“I will counsel the president to find strong courage to sign the Electoral Bill as Nigerians are eagerly awaiting his assent.

“I believe with the good work the National Assembly has done, the electoral bill is journeyed towards socio-political prosperity of our nation,” he said.

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