Destruction of Kogi West Constituency Project; Politics Taken Too Far

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“You are invited to my thanksgiving ceremony in Aiyetoro Gbede in Ijumu LGA of Kogi State on 21st of July, 2018 @ 10am. Join me in praising God and thanking my people. God bless you as you honour me. Sen. Dino Melaye (SDM)”
Few days ago, I received this message with honour and Joy [knowing fully well what it takes to have such array of projects available in one’s constituency], only to read on social media this morning that the said projects [Kogi West Constituency Projects] facilitated by Sen. Dino Melaye has been seared unrestricted by an unknown assemblage of Youths.
I’m disappointed by this inhumane act – in a country where legislators compete on the frequency of ‘I sleep pass you’ in the hallowed chambers and may decide to do nothing in his/her constituency? Are these projects sufficient to the extent that we can waste the few obtainable ones?
Hitherto, I read on ‘KogiReporters’ a communiqué cum warning to Senator Dino Melaye not to embark on the journey to Kogi State for the proposed thanksgiving and commissioning of projects by some ‘unknown Youths’ – I also heard a leaflet was circulated carrying same warning in his Constituency. All these happened before the ugly incidents of last night and until now; no one has been arrested for the destruction of public properties, which is punishable under the law.
While some people might guess the likely sponsors of these dastardly acts, I will say our Youths in Kogi State are allowing Politicians to ruin their future and they are solely to be blamed. What will be the gain for destroying a constituency project in your locality? How much is the cost of the project compared to what you were given to do this?
These attacks in my own opinion are not on the personage of Sen. Dino Melaye (SDM) but on our democracy and we must eschew the ‘Politics of Bitterness’ that is tearing us apart. I condemn these acts in its entirety. This should also be condemned by the Elders and stakeholders in Kogi West regardless of their political affiliation.
I sympathize with the constituents of Kogi West Senatorial District while I appeal to our Law-enforcement agencies, especially the ComPol of Kogi state to investigate and arrest these brainwashed scoundrels behind this evil.
The Kogi State Government at this moment must find the underlying cause of this issue and those behind it must be dealt with ruthlessly, this is not the time to politicise an important theme. These projects are of benefits to Kogi indigenes and inhabitants; and must be treasured by all.
God bless Nigeria
God bless Kogi State
– Comrade Johnson Musa
PDP Chieftain and House of Reps hopeful (Dekina/Bassa)

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