Democracy of Divides

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Democracy is the tyranny of the majority over the minority. In other words, the true definition of democracy is “Government of the majority, by the majority and for the majority irrespective of…” This  perhaps is one of the most ridiculously yet logicallytrue of the Nigerian politics. A politics that put away capacity and instead embraces leaders with track records of ethnical, religious and corrupt affiliation.

There are a lot of indices to governance. Unfortunately, there will always be a problem of the minority against the majority or vice versa. The syndrome evident in here simply reminds us all about Fela’s anthem; Suffering and smiling. A lot has happened within a short time. Every right thinking Nigeria would definitely agree with me that all is not well with our nation. Nigeria is sick and just like every sickness, there are always early signs. We have ignored too many signs and we shouldn’t be surprised. In case you forgot, some of the early signs were incessant borrowings, kangaroo projects, partisan politics, dishonest leaderships, disregard for institutions of state, gross abuse of power and many more.

The failure of yesterday has birthed today leaving us with third degree security disorder, cancerous purchasing power parity, institutional failure, bleached democracy and widespread penury. On such premise, I heard a certain party wants to carry on! While I wouldn’t want to delve into the subject of candidature, I am obligated to beam my searchlight. Ordinarily, it is often said that a man who rides his father’s car lacks the right to sit amongst the council of bicycle owners. Quite funny right? Owning a bicycle leaves one with more experiences than a child who wakes up to drive his father’s car. He may never be able to understand the effort of saving, repair and maintenance of a vehicle.

I have always watched homes from afar. One thing, amongst many others seems to bind them all. Having a father who is simply progressive puts a home on the advantage. To be “Progressive” means to be a loving father, husband, planner, listener, thinker… Now look at the bigger picture. A nation without progressive leadership will definitely end up in a mess such as is evident in most African nations. Remember, democracy of the majority over the minority oftentimes neglects capacity because the majority syndrome is bounded by the code “our son”.

However, every sick home requires the attention of a figure who is ready to stand in the gap. What our nation truly needs is that leader who would not carry on with the failure of now or with internal crisis. Rather, we should seek for a candidate who can be a father, a listener, a thinker, a lover, a planner and a leader to Nigerians and not just some Nigerians. An all inclusive leadership lest the sons and daughters of Belial feast on. Look inwardly and your right thinking soul would tell if you want to continue with the bandwagon.

– Olayinka Kayode Kingsley writes from Asaba, Delta State.

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